Motor Skills mid term

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Retention Test
Which of the following would best measure learning?
Post Test
Which of the following is administered directly following the practice period?
Performance Plateau
Which of the following is a period of time during the learning process in which no overt changes in performance occur?
Performed accurately
Although a learner can perform a skill consistently, it does not necessarily mean the skill is being ….
freezes the degrees of freedom
in the early stages of skill acquisition, a learner does which of the following?
varying regulatory conditions and varying non-regulatory conditions
For an open skill which of the following conditions should be practiced?
In the fixation/diversification of gentiles stage of learning model, which instructional strategy is recommended for closed skills with inter-trial variability?
Providing initial instructions
Which of the following is a role that the practitioner NO LONGER plays when a learner is in the associative stage of learning?
Reallocated to strategic decision making
“in the autonomous stage, attentional focus is…”
If a learner’s movement lack synchronization and appears choppy and deliberate that learner is most likely in which stage of learning?
A learner who is capable of detecting some errors but still struggling to determine how to fix them is in which stage of learning?
It has a limitless capacity
Which of the following is NOT true of a short term memory?
Basal Ganglia
Parkinson’s disease is a result of under stimulation of the…
Cerebral Cortex
Which part of the brain is responsible for higher brain function?
Withdrawal reflex
Which reflex would occur if an individual were to touch a hot stove?
They must be integrated in the brain
Which of the following is NOT true of reflexes
Golgi Tendon Organs
Which of the following propriocepters are found at the junction of the tendon and the muscle?
The ambient system
serves both central and peripheral visual fields
Optic Nerve
Electrical signals generated by the photoreceptors are sent to the brain via the
Which of the following is a photoreceptor that is specialized for dim light and enables us to see shapes and movement as well as discriminate between different shades of light and dark?
Stimuli regarding feelings such as hunger or nausea would be detected by which of the following?
Which of the following provide information about body position and movement?
Which of the following detect stimuli outside of the body and provide information about the environment?
Environmental Constraint
The wind is an example of what?
Parameter selection
“If a pitcher throws a change up and the hitter swings in anticipation of a fast ball, the hitter made an error in what?
Open loop runs as planned while closed loop can be modified
The difference between open and closed loop systems is
Which of the following specifies the parameter values assigned to the generalized motor program?
The process of constraining available degrees of freedom to organize a movement pattern that will effectively achieve the goal of the task is called…
Task characteristics-learner characteristics
Which of the following influences the optimal level of arousal?
An emotion resulting from an individual’s perception of a situation as threatening is known as…
Broad internal
The attentional focus used when strategic analysis is required is…
Bottleneck theory
The theory of attention that speculated that the flow of information is impeded at some point by an attentional filter is known as…
Psychological refractory period
Faking is explained by which of the following?
It should not exceed 4 seconds
Which of the following is not true of reaction time?
A larger reperitoure of serves
According to hick’s law, a racquetball player has an advantage if he or she has..
Choice reaction time
Which of the following is reaction time resulting from a stimulation involving options and how to respond?
It is dependent on the processing demands imposed by a given situation
Which of the following is true of reaction time?
Reaction time
The interval of time between the moment that a stimulus is presented to when a response is initiated is known as…
Dynamic flexibility
The ability to make repeated, rapid flexing movements is known as…
improvements in movement prficiency and consistency
when assessing performance and making decisions which of the following must be considered?
it is directly observable
which of the following is NOT true or learning?
skills can be classified according to ….
bowling, chopping wood, taping an athletes ankle
which of the following would be considered a closed skill
open skill
mountain biking which requires the performer to continually adapt his or her responses to conform to the trail would be considered what kind of skill?
Context variability
Practice for open skills should emphasize which of the following?
Shot put
Which of the following skills has low inter-trial variability?

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