Married Life vs Single Life Essay Example
Married Life vs Single Life Essay Example

Married Life vs Single Life Essay Example

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  • Published: February 24, 2017
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The significant preference between being single or married is choice and circumstance. Some things in life are going to be good, regardless whether you’re single or married, some things will be the opposite. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The two areas that differ in married and single life is compromise and sharing of possessions. The environment of a single person is the control factor is all theirs. A single person has no one to consult with their decisions. Therefore the consideration of input from others is not necessary.

In addition there is no need to consult with anyone regarding budgets, recreation, holidays, traveling or something as simple as dinner. Furthermore a single person’s existence is purely their own, even down to the application of rules. A si


ngle person’s level of engagement with others is at their discretion. The flip side, being married life, is the total opposite. There is no one sided control in the lives of the partners, control has to be weighed carefully and consciously with regard to the feelings of the other. Emotional support is expected or given with every though or action.

Unlike the single side of the coin everything is balanced and shared from meal plans, expenses, travel, holidays and, large and small decisions. As far as the need for personal space and married people do require the need from time to time, there is no real guarantee that you will get the space. The husband, wife, kids and or pets are very much a part of that space factor. Singles have zero required emotional attachments unless they decide otherwise. For a single person

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it is pretty much about self and I, what do I want to do, where I want to go.

For married people it is about we and us, what shall we do, where do we want to go? Whereas married life there is constant emotional support, security, love and comforts of a home environment this is unlike the single households. With more and more people out there waiting to get married the general conscious is that single people are, well, happier people. Anyone who has watched Sex and the City is looking at the projected fact that to lead a happy, successful and fulfilled life, you do not have to be tied down or permanently attached.

However what does research show? Psychologists have found that people boost in life satisfaction that can only come from marriage. Married people earn more money and tend to be healthier than single people. So is single life comfort and married life pleasure? Married people, single people, some people prefer to be single, others prefer marriage. Although there are reasonable advantages to both lifestyles, both lifestyles can be equally rewarding.

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