Literacy Autobiography Analysis Essay Example
Literacy Autobiography Analysis Essay Example

Literacy Autobiography Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2016
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The purpose of this assignment is to make you reflect on language and literacy, considering its importance in your life and the experiences that have shaped you in this regard. Writing this paper will help you gain insights about yourself and the writing process. The assignment requires you to:

  1. Pre-write / generate a variety of “material” from personal experience;
  2. Evaluate and select from the material the most important or significant events; and
  3. Relate these events to each other and to yourself today. Purpose of your piece: To share with your readers 1) your insights about your personal relationship with language (reading, writing, speaking) and learning (in and/or outside of school) and 2) various key experiences (positive or negative) which have affected t


    hat relationship [show, don’t just tell].

    Assignment: Using the pre-writing techniques discussed in class, choose a select number of the most significant literacy events and provide thorough descriptions of them. These events can range from specific experiences, such as a field trip in third grade or encountering a great or poor teacher or mentor, to impactful songs, works of art, or stories. Additionally, establish clear transitions to connect the chosen events to each other and to your current identity as a literate individual. Furthermore, integrate at least one external text, such as an essay from our course book, a self-written poem, a song, or an influential essay that shaped your thinking.

    The suggested structure for the text is to use a standard “5 paragraph” form, but it is not required or necessarily desirable. Other possibilitie

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to consider include a comparison/contrast between the way you were taught to write in school and learning to write songs or stories on your own, or comparing two different schools, teachers, countries, languages, or language communities. Another option is to explore the cause/effect relationship, such as identifying the four key events that politicized your writing. Visuals may be included, but they do not affect the text length mentioned below.

The essays we will be reading for this unit are exemplars of literacy biographies that offer various options for the topics you could discuss. I will also be sharing, or bringing to class, additional content such as student essays and excerpts from similar works.

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