Trauma-informed Treatment Framework
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Introduction Trauma is an emotional response that arises due to a terrible event like an accident, natural disaster or rape incident. The victim after the event experiences some kind of shock and denial both self or from other individuals (Masterton, 2002). The long-term side-effects associated with trauma include; unpredictable emotions based on moods, flashbacks, recurrent […]

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Emotions Psychological Trauma Trauma
Too Sick to Eat
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“If it takes dying to be thin, then so be it.” -Alisa Williams In the documentary, Thin, 4 women are filmed while they stay in The Renfew Center in Coconut Creek, Florida for women with eating disorders. The different types of eating disorders range from purging, using laxatives or diaretics, or being anorexic. The National […]

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Anorexia Anorexia Nervosa Nutrition Psychological Trauma Trauma
Trauma And Resilience In Children And The Adolescents 
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Introduction The issue of resilience in school-aged children and the adolescents across the globe is termed to be the capacity of the given children to have a resistance to the negative psychosocial kinds of consequences that result fr6om given adverse events in their lives. This is not the given absence in the psychopathology after a […]

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Resilience Trauma
Domestic Violence and Trauma
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Introduction Most families and individuals that have gone through domestic violence usually experience problems of healing both emotionally and physically from several traumas. The traumas usually affect the body, spirit and mind. Experiencing these effects is natural and an important step is to acknowledge the effects in order to begin a healing and restoration process. […]

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Domestic Violence Trauma
Childhelp Volunteer Organization Opportunities
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Introduction Childhelp is a nationwide non-profit organization which has the full devotion to the task of preventing child abuse and administering treatment to the wounded or traumatized victims. Sara O’Meara together with Yvonne Fedderson set up the association in the year 1959 it had its roots from International Orphans, Inc before the development of Childhelp. […]

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Psychological Trauma Trauma