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A rule that enables drivers stopping distance in terms other than feet is called the (?) rule
three second
A vehicle is considered overloaded if the driver’s view to the front and side is (?)
What should you do when you come to an intersection and the traffic light changes from green to yellow?
slow down carefully and stop
What is indicated on a yellow sign?
General Warning
What does it mean when a school bus displays yellow flashing lights?
it is about to stop. stop 25 ft away
What is a CDL license?
Commercial driver’s license
To operate a motorcycle you must have a (?)
motor cycle license
Besides being smaller, what makes a motorcycle difficult for drivers to see?
hide in blindspot, how far/close they are, speed
Are bicyclists subject to the same laws and rules as automobile drivers?
What is the largest truck you may operate with your operator’s license?
26,000 pounds
As an applicant for a New Hampshire driver’s license you must furnish two (?)
forms of positive identification
What is the youngest age one may legally practice drive a vehicle in New Hampshire?
15 and a half
One who is practice driving must be accompanied by a person seated on the front seat who is at least (?) and holds (?)
25 years old
a valid driver’s license
Your safety belt will keep you from (?), helping you to keep control of the vehicle.
New Hampshire law requires youngsters to wear a safety belt or be restrained in a safety until (?) years of age
New Hampshire law requires operators and/or passengers on a motorcycle to wear an approved helmet until (?) years of age
A (?) can overrule any traffic light, sign or other traffic control device
police officer
A yellow line on the left edge of a street or roadway indicates (?).
the edge of a one-way road
A (?) has the right of way over all vehicles at intersections and crosswalks.
When making a turn at an intersection, you should turn into the lane that is (?) to you
You should signal before you change directions. Signals should be given before: (?)
change lanes
turn left at an intersection
enter or leave an expressway
pull away from the curb
pull over to the side of the road
When there are three or more lanes in one direction, the (?) lane usually has the smoothest traffic flow
What is reaction time?
the time it takes to see the danger until you step on the brake
What is reaction distance?
distance vehicle has traveled during reaction time
What is braking time?
the time it takes for the brakes to stop the vehicle
What is braking distance?
distance vehicle has traveled during braking time
When you double your speed, the stopping distance is nearly (?) times greater
Hydroplaning is when (?)
tires lose all contact with road and act like water skis
What does a driver’s license do?
Gives an individual permission to operate a motor vehicle on public highways
Serves to verify each driver’s knowledge of the laws that govern the use of motor vehicles on public roadways
Can be taken away by the state
(?) laws are designed to help drivers understand who should be granted the privilege of proceeding first when more than one vehicle approaches an intersection at about the same time
right of way
What does a certificate of motor vehicle title do?
demonstrates proof of ownership
What is directly related to reckless driving?
A driver intentionally drives recklessly
A driver knows his or her actions will create a significant risk
Conditions that make the risk obvious and serious
Most states have blood-alcohol concentration limits of (?) for drivers under 21
.00 to .02
(?) vision is the five degree cone that makes up only three percent if a driver’s total visual field
The distance you look ahead is called your (?)
visual lead
A driver should search the highway (?) seconds ahead
A driver should maintain a visual-control zone of at least (?) seconds ahead
To effectively search the total traffic scene, drivers should monitor the area (?) of the vehicle
to the rear
to the sides
to the front
A space into which you can safely direct your vehicle with the lowest possible risk is referred to as your (?)
intended path of travel
What does the size of your space margin depend on?
your speed
the width of your vehicle
the maneuvers you expect to perform
You should always maintain a stopping zone distance of (?) seconds
The key to the basic speed law is to drive at (?) speed for conditions
reasonable and proper
Changes in (?) is a major highway condition that requires you to adjust speed
Before making a turn in an urban area, most states’ laws require a driver to signal at least (?) feet before the turn
When preparing to turn, you should:
complete your braking before turning the steering wheel
When reversing direction, you should consider:
traffic density
your speed
Parking in a traffic lane is called (?) and is illegal in most states
double parking
When parking uphill with a curb, you should turn the front wheels:
away from the curb
The primary challenge in driving a manual transmission vehicle is learning to (?)
release the clutch smoothly to move forward
The point at which the engine begins to move the car as the clutch is released is called the (?)
friction point
A frequent mistake is while using a manual transmission is: (?)
shifting into a higher gear at too low speed
When shifting gears, you should look: (?)
along your intended path of travel
When shifting gears, you should press the clutch: (?)
all the way to the floor
Single-vehicle crashes account for more than (?) percent of all motor vehicle fatalities
All the following are common messages communicated by drivers to reduce risk except: (?)
Areas where pedestrian traffic is heavy are (?)
parking lots
bus stops
school zones
When passing a motorcycle or scooter, (?)
give the rider the whole lane
(?) is a coming together or blending of vehicles to maintain a smooth, uninterrupted traffic flow

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