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Puberty can be a major transition that all children will go through, this can affect emotional, social and physical for bother female and male, it’s know that behaviour will change and become rapid mood swings from happy to sad or mad, their physical appearance will also change this can affect them by making them feel insecure this is because everybody cares what their friends or other people think of them so they may feel they are being judge while going through puberty, males hormones levels increase so they show more aggressive behaviour, females can become worried about late development if they have not hit puberty yet or embarrassed about early development , however both female and male will be aware of the change and developments to their bodies, boys who develop more qickly are often found to be more popular and independent.

Girls however if developing earlier than their friends then to get teased and have more of a negative experience. Their bodies will be changing this will affect all area of their holis development because all of the holistic development are interlinked, by having a physical change to their body e. g. reast starting to grow can make them feel different from others they might also stop taken part in physical education affecting their physical development just because they don’t want to be made fun off, their emotional development could be short tempered, they can be moody, stressed out, angry or sad this is because they feel odd or ask questions like why is this happening?

If they are the only one going through puberty in their friend group they could be singled out and stop socializing with their friend affecting their social development also their intellectual development as they may stop going to school for abit because they feel different. So going through puberty for anyone can have a different experience and affect a person in different ways weather its emotionally, socially or physically maybe it can be all of the holistic development but its a transition that every child and young person will have to go through during life it can be a positive or negative feeling for a person

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