Being Shy – College Essay Example
Being Shy – College Essay Example

Being Shy – College Essay Example

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  • Published: November 15, 2016
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Do you ever feel like you can't? well that's how I feel when I am shy. People are shy for a couple different reasons. But most of all, it's a self-esteem/self-confidence issue. We don't feel like anyone cares what we have to say, or we fear being rejected or embarrassed. We fear being all alone. Shy personalities are a security blanket - if you don't put yourself out there, you won't risk getting hurt. I would like to change my personality from being shy because I won’t lose as many opportunities, I won’t be insecure, and I can make friends easier. Initially, Being shy is not the best thing to be.

Sometimes being shy can ruin many opportunities. If you are shy, your career may suffer. Whether it is at or at a job, it still ca


n ruin your life. For instance, if you are shy, you don't present yourself well on project presentation or job interviews. I am not good at interacting and asserting myself enough when it comes to going after opportunities. There are, in addition other reasons. Researchers have found that people who are shy tend to begin their careers later than those who are not. Shy people have a harder time developing a career character.

So, while if me being shy is not a problem now, it will be in the future. This also speaks for insecurity. This is also another serious problematic. Moreover, Being shy cause various insecurity problems. Most shy people wish they were more confident, Like me, because shyness is a symptom of being uncomfortable with who I am and with who I am

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around. I judge myself based on other people’s standards and spend too much time in my own head, thinking of how best to act and react in any given situation. Being shy can also cause other symptoms, for example, depression, which is a very grim symptom for anyone to have at any age.

Shyness also affects the way you make friends, and the way you present yourself in front of others. Last of all, being shy can make it hard to make friends and socialize with others. Many social settings make me feel anxious, so I try to find ways to get rid of this social anxiety. I try to make myself more social. Even if social settings make me nervous, I get into them anyway instead of avoiding them. Even if being more talkative is challenging for me, I push myself to talk more anyway. This way, I can overcome my shy personality.

In brief, being shy is something I want to overcome, and see myself overcoming in the future. Though it does seem like a problem in most cases, it isn’t always the worst thing. Nevertheless, I do feel very annoyed with being shy but it is who I am and I am not going to beat myself up for it. Sometimes you just have to live with what you have and who you are, and if you are not happy with that, there is no problem in changing it. Yes, I still want to change my personality and that is what I wish for out of anything, but I have learned to work with it, thus the reason I will

not worry myself or think of myself any less.

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