An Ideal Family Essay Example
An Ideal Family Essay Example

An Ideal Family Essay Example

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  • Published: July 18, 2016
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There are different types of families, single parents, married parents, divorced parents, never married parents and the list continues on. And in my opinion it doesnt matter how the constellation of the family is. For me, an ideal family is loving, supportive, fun, and a safe place where you always feel welcome and appreciated. I grew up in a household where my parents where married but unhappy, which later resulted in my parents’ getting a divorce. Now i live with my father and only see my mother occasionally. Ofcourse it isnt easy but i know that my mother is there for me and supports me and if i need anything or have problems i can always go to her. And this is what is most important for me. Even if you live miles apart you can have a great family as long as you know that you can trust your family and know that they are there for you.

Back in the old days a divorce was almost unacceptable. Some people even called it a crime and nowadays one of three marriages is likely to end with a divorce. Since its so easy to file a divorce nowadays it isnt such a big problem. As mentioned in the statement though such a divorce mostly effects the children. I agree to this because, yes, they ha


ve to go through the whole time hearing their parents arguing and screaming at eachother night and day and eventually have to accept the fact that one of their parents will be moving out and from my experience i can say that this really isnt a pleasant time. But families that stay married fight aswell. And when i look at my parents now, seeing them happier than when they were unhappily married i am glad that they made this decission. I rather see them happy as they are now than seeing them fight all day and night.

I agree with the second statement aswell. A man who has family is definitely a rich man. I hardly think that a man who has a lot of money but no family can be happy. Ofcourse he can buy himself all he wants but no private jet or villa can replace family.

A family isn’t just composed of rich, poor, problematic or happy-go-lucky individuals but of a solid, unlimited supply of love. To me the best answer for an ideal family is that a family is a strange foundation of bandaged, glued, hammered, taped and tied joints that look so fragile but in reality are so strong. All put together and standing due to the raw material holding it down known as ‘unconditional love’.

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