Essay About Technological Advancement
Essay About Technological Advancement

Essay About Technological Advancement

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  • Published: October 6, 2021
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The current technological advancement has turned the world into a small village, but still there is a state of unlikeness between people worldwide. This state of unlikenessis what makes people to have differences, this means that people have got differences in terms of cultural background and views regarding to life. For example we have got diversity between whites and blacks and. This paper explores the general background of diversity, its relation to business and personal examples I have encountered which are related to diversity.
Part one

Diversity is that state of unlikeness between people, as in the case of a business organization there are many cases of diversity. The kind of workers that an organization has may vary interms of age, cultural beliefs and traditions and even races.This particular unlikeness has caused many effects to employees of an organization (Anderson, Tracey & Hilary 1).  This means that an organization may also be affected either negatively or positively with the issue of diversity. When an organization or a work place has got employees from a wide range of backgrounds it is able to utilize the different range of talents, skills and perspectives of these workers.

Additionally, certain groups and individuals area also likely to be affected by this issue of having diverse group of people in an organization or a work place this will always impact negatively to the minority group.Let us consider a case where by a lessnumber of blacks are working in an organization with white majority, the blacks may feel disowned and even demotivated more especially if cases of racial prejudice occurs in such an organization. Discrimin


ating somebody because his/her race or religion is different may even promote failure in businesses (Anderson, Tracey & Hilary 5).

Diversity sometimes can affect the kind of workers an organization employs, some organizations sometimes recruit specific people from a specific religious affiliation, and this has always promoted recruitment of unprofessional workers simply because they come from the required group (Anderson, Tracey & Hilary 10.  This will in turn impact negatively on the production and performance of employees.

Diversity is different in different cultures in many ways, to start with; there emerge different cultural view in the issue of women empowerment. In some cultures the female gender is not supposed to be appointed in leadership positions while other societies do not discriminate women and the female gender can take role in the general leadership of their country. This shows how the issue of unlikeness in terms of gender is has viewed differently in different cultures.
Part two

Diversity may be both helpful and harmful in a business of a work place;it may assist to promote sharing of skills and values to better the performance of a business. People who come from different culture, with different kind of education are able to mix and share ideas through the process of socialization thus promoting a very conducive environment (Anderson, Tracey & Hilary13). Diversity in business means that people are able to understand one another and treat each other with humanity and fraternity;people are able to understand that they are born different with differences in abilities and weaknesses. By taking diversity negatively

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one is able to treat others rightly thus promoting relationships between employees in a business.

Diversity has got a number of effects on business communication, the issue of business communication as always evolved inherently with different business culture of the globe on collision.Diversity has made it necessary for business communication to have understanding on how the diverse employee populations view business communication (Anderson, Tracey & Hilary 14).
Diversity has promoted employee communication in a business; some employees want to be informed on every business move, while others view the use of memoranda and employee meetings as time wasting.

Employee communication is very important; this is because if employees think that transparency is not there in their business, they may feel rejected and undervalued. Employee communication is also important as far as maintaining good relationship between employees.

The current emerging economies have always started to bring together those business cultures of traditional power nations into their businesses in addition of leaving some shreds of their own culture whenever they go. The effects of cultural diversity and cultural barriers to communication have got many implications on businesses and even employees of the organizations. This is due to the fact that cultural diversity has got a number of effects on the general business communication.

In addition to these, there are also cultural barriers to communication in an organization,this are those cultural practices, values and beliefs that hinder effective business communication. This involves having trouble when communicating with someone from a different cultural background, this is kind of barrier to communication is associated with culture (Sehgal &Vandana 99).  The barriers to cross-cultural communication are disadvantageous to a business as they hinder business opportunities to development.

Secondly, behavior associated with body language may also cause miscommunication. For instance it is cultural championed in the USA that you make eye contact with the speaker, if not the speaker can think that you are not interested. This issue of eye contact is different in many Asian countries it is considered a sign of disrespect. These cultural differences in body language can create barriers to effective communication (Sehgal &Vandana 102). These include differences in facial expressions, and the use of head nodding to show understanding and agreement.

Ethnocentrism is also a cultural barrier to effective communication, this is the tendency to make a judgment based on cultural values of one’s own group, these ethnocentrism in most cases is negative and be even hostile thus being a cultural barrier to effective communication (Park 13). These ethnocentric views may not only hinder communication but also discourage employee productivity.

Cultural stereotyping has promoted ineffectiveness in communication. Many stereotypes are mostly negative and are a serious barrier to workplace communication. For example, if you joke about expecting your African-American employee to arrive late for a meeting, you may end up destroying your professional relationship. Some cultures may share a good number of characteristics but this does not mean that all the members of a group have those common features.

Similar to stereotyping is religion; religion also affects communication globally as it promotes an image of people who follow a certain religion. Some people may always find it difficult to talk with

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