A Letter to Children: Yourself is your wealth Essay Example
A Letter to Children: Yourself is your wealth Essay Example

A Letter to Children: Yourself is your wealth Essay Example

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  • Published: November 15, 2016
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Child, it's not necessarily a bad thing if you want to become wealthy at a young age. Having ambitions gives you the motivation to pursue your goals. There are also others who aspire to travel extensively, enhance their looks, or gain fame. Like you, these people have dreams that bring joy to life. However, as you grow older, it's important to retain your ability to determine what truly matters to you, even if it differs greatly from your current desires. There are five important topics I need to talk about with you.

To obtain an apple, the initial step is planting apple trees. This requires acquiring apple seeds, as well as land, fertilizer, watering, and sunlight. Various individuals have achieved financial success through different means. For example, Yuan Longping earned money by inventing hybrid rice while four entrepreneurs at Ctrip ma


de substantial profits through innovative business models. Additionally, individuals like Buffett became wealthy by making wise career choices and joining the right companies. Thus, having a unique vision is crucial for achieving financial success.

If you have unique talents or insights, believe in the connection between hard work and success, and possess strong social relationships and interpersonal skills to ask for help when needed, then you need to identify which area will generate future income. This can be done by starting with the actual money and working backwards. Start by performing basic tasks such as planting seeds, improving soil quality, and acquiring necessary skills. Remember that you cannot expect to harvest apples without first planting an apple tree.

Moreover, only a small number of people achieve their goal of accumulating

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wealth despite the aspirations of many. The reason behind this is that increasing one's earnings involves higher risks and requires careful management of complex matters. In other words, making money is not as simple as it appears; the methods used to generate income today may not be effective in the future. Furthermore, certain places may seem promising for financial gain but intense competition often prevents individuals from achieving substantial profits.

The journey to financial success is unique and diverges from conventional norms. Affluent individuals are often characterized by their mischievousness, assertiveness, curiosity, and adventurous spirit, as they fearlessly pursue their passions from a young age. These qualities enable them to become acquainted with uncertainty and develop the bravery needed to take risks and maintain composure amidst unpredictability. Conversely, adhering strictly to obedience as a child hinders one's ability to attain wealth.

Thirdly, to acquire and manage great wealth, one must have the ability to manage things like decision-making and management. This requires developing one's own ways of logic, ideas, approach, and determination. Simply relying on parents or teachers for opinions will not lead to such potential. Instead, we need individuals who possess their own insight, make their own choices, take their own actions, and gather their own experiences.

It is crucial for a strong leader to have the bravery to acknowledge and take responsibility for their mistakes. This quality enables them to effectively lead and work together with others, ultimately gaining their trust. It is important to recognize the potential negative outcomes of withholding our thoughts and actions when interacting with parents, relatives, and teachers. Additionally, cultivating positive social connections carries significant


The resources that people are willing to give us determine our wealth. These individuals can be our partners, employees, peers, consumers, customers, policy makers, and more. As we accumulate more wealth, our relationships become more complicated. Hence, it is essential for us to grasp how to interact with unfamiliar people. Although older generations often advise children to be cautious around strangers, the reality is that children tend to be less suspicious when engaging with these older individuals.

People have a strong dislike for the elderly, particularly when their adult children struggle with social interactions. Therefore, it is crucial for us to actively engage with our partners from a young age. We should learn from adults, assist others, provide benefits to others, and be willing to encounter strangers. Additionally, we should not view exams as a major issue when we are young, but instead focus on preserving valuable traits like imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and optimistic mobility.

In addition to studying, it is important to excel at other activities and be unique. It is necessary to explore various new experiences and not immediately accept criticism or comments from others, but instead ask for clarification and engage in rational communication. Pursuing wealth does not solely depend on academic success or having a defeatist attitude, but on having a vibrant personality filled with imagination, curiosity, and relentless progress.

Becoming wealthy is not a secret, as our innate abilities do not confine us to poverty. Frequently, when confronted with challenges, it is because we have misplaced ourselves and the crucial element for prosperity that typically sustains our being and progress. My dear children,

each one of us holds this vital component for success; however, we must exercise caution to avoid misplacing it—particularly in our intimate connections with our parents, teachers, and friends.

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