English 50 (Recursive Writing Process Steps)

Recursive Writing Process Steps
“Reading”, Thinking,Brainstorming/Free Writing, Outlining, Drafting, Proofing, and Editing.

To find meaning and significant value in a work (responding)

What does it mean to you? Love it? Hate it? WHY? How does it respond to YOU? (This is what you’ll be writing about)

Visual Map. Devolving the significance of your ideas. Organization, topics, and Transitions. (Bubble method)

Free Writing
All about thinking about the different parts of the paper you have to finish and creating that content of ideas for a set amount of time.

Road Map. Creating a order or plan for delivering information in a clear way. An Essay = Organized Main Point.

HOW your going to deliver the ideas / topics (from the outline).

Comparing your paper with the outline, Checking for content and organization. Reading it out loud. Descriptive enough to satisfy your audience? Developed ideas and CLear?

Grammar. Clarity. Verb forms. Fragments. Run on’s. Looking for YOUR weaknesses / errors. Edit your paper backwards, look / read sentences individually.

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