EMT Chapter 3. Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues

conduct that constitutes willful or reckless disregard
Gross negligence

An _________ ____ is a written document signed by the patient and a witness that specifies the medical care that should be provided if the patient loses decision-making capacity (ie, he or she is no longer deemed competent).
advance directive

unlawfully placing a patient in fear of bodily harm.

unilateral termination of care

written documentation that specifies treatment
advance directive

touching without consent

process that recognizes that a person has met set standards

able to make decisions

granted permission

legal responsibility to provide care
duty to act

specific authorization to provide care expressed by the patient
expressed consent

confining a person from mental or physical action
forcible restraint

legal assumption that treatment was desired
implied consent

relating to law or forensic medicine

failure to provide standard of care

accepted level of care consistent with training
standard of care

the care that an emt is able to provide is most commonly defined as a
scope of practice

how the emt is required to act or behave is called:
standard of care

the process by which an individual an institution or a program is evaluated and recognized as meeting certain standards is called ________

negligence is based on the emt’s duty to act, cause, breach of duty and
real or perceived damages

while treating a patient with a suspected head injury, he becomes verbally abusive and tells you to “leave him aone” If you stop treating him, you may be guilty of ________

Good samaritan laws generally are designed to offer protection to persons who render care in good faith. they do not offer protection from
acts of negligence

What is generally not considered confidential?
the location of the emergency

an important safeguard against legal implication is:
writing a complete and accurate run report.

Your responsibility to provide patient care is called:
duty to act

Presumptive signs to death would not be adequate in cases of sudden death due to:

definitive or conclusive signs of death that are obvious and clear to even nonmedical persons include all of the following except:

a. profound cyanosis

b. dependent lividity.

c.rigor mortis

d. putrefaction


Medical examiners cases include:
a. violent death

b. suicide

c. suspicion of a criminal act

d. all of the above


HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act protects the ________ of health care information and safeguards patient confidentiality.

Failure to provide care to a patient once you have been called to the scene is considered negligence. (T/F)

For expressed consent to be valid, the patient must be a minor. (T/F)

if a patient is unconscious and a true emergency exists, the doctrine of implied consent applies. (T/F)

EMTs can legally restrain patients against their will if they pose a threat to themselves or others.(T/F)

DNR orders give you permission not to attempt resuscitation at your discretion(T/F)

The ________ ________ ________ outlines the care you are able to provide.
scope of practice

The ________ ________ ________ is the manner in which the EMT must when treating patients.
standard of care

The legal responsibility to provide care is called the ________ ________ ________
duty to act

The determination of ________ is based on duty, breach of duty, damages and cause.

Abandonment is ________ of care without transfer to someone of equal or higher training.

________ consent is given directly by an informed patient, whereas ________ consent is assumed in the unconscious patient.
expressed, implicit

Unlawfully placing a person in fear of immediate harm is ________ , whereas ________ is unlawfully touching a person without his or her consent.
assault battery

An ________ ________ is a written document that specifies authorized treatment in case a patient becomes unable to make decisions. A written document that authorizes the EMT not to attempt resusucitation efforts is a ________ ________
Advance directive, DNR order

Mentally competent patients have the right to ________ ________
refuse treatment

Incidents involving child abuse, animal bites, childbirth, and assault have ________ ________ requirements in many states.
special reporting

False and damaging information about a person that is communicated by the spoken word.

________ ________ laws are statutory provisions enacted by many states to protect citizens from liability for errors and omissions in giving good faith emergency medical care.
good Samaritan

With ________ consent, a patient gives express authorization for provision of care or transport.

Any information about health status, provision of health care or payment for health care that can be linked to an individual.

False and damaging information about a person that is communicated in writing.

A code of conduct that can be defined by society, religion, or a person, affecting character, conduct, and conscience.

touching a patient or rendering emergency care without consent

the philosophy or right and wrong, of moral duties and of ideal professional behavior

the study of ethics related to issues that arise in health care

most commonly defined by state law; outlines the care you are able to provide for the patient.
scope of practice

written documentation by a physician giving permission to medical personnel not to attempt resuscitation in the event of cardiac arrest is called an ________ order

Permission to render care

oral questions asked of parties and witnesses under oath

unlawfully placing a patient in fear of bodily harm

when a person who has a duty abuses it, and causes harm to another individual, the emt, the agency, and or the medical director ay bye sued for negligence. this is called ________ causation.

Basing current action on lessons, rules, or guidlines derived from previous similar experiences

A wrongful act that gives rise to a civil suit.

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