EHL AP Front Office Management (FOM) Vocabulary, Requirements, and Procedures

B&B (Bed and Breakfast)
A billing arrangement under which the daily rate includes charges for the room
and breakfast.
size of a hotel. The number of rooms in the hotel.
Registering the customer’s arrival.
Check out
Registering the customer’s departure.
Check out room
The client is leaving the room (code: C/0).
Classification (Level of Service)
Shows the service level of a hotel. The classification criteria varies from one
country to another.
Double Bed
One large bed for 2 persons measuring in general 1,4 m x 2 m (various sizes
Double room
Room with sleeping facilities for two persons in a double bed or two single beds.
Electronic Payment Terminal (EPT)
Machine used by guests paying for their room and other consumptions with a
debit or credit card . The terminal checks the card’s validity through an external
Full board
A billing arrangement under which the daily rate includes charges for the room
and three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Guest History
A record of the guest’s previous stays including dates rooms assigned, rates
paid, and certain requests.
Guest Profile
A manual or computerized form containing information regarding the guests’
personal details such as address, birthday and nationality.
Half board
A billing arrangement under which the daily rate includes charges for the room
and two meals, breakfast, and the choice of either lunch or dinner
King size bed
Bed measuring 1.80 m x 2 m.
Meal plan (or Arrangement)
An arrangement including the room rate adnd meals. For example Bed and
Breakfast (B&B), half board and full board.
Occupancy rate
Number of sold rooms expressed as a percentage (%) of available rooms.
A number of services (transportation, room, food, entertainment) normally
purchased separately but at times combined and sold at a bundled price.
PMS (Property Management System)
Used at the Front Office of hotels to manage reservations (e.g. record, change
and cancel reservations), the billing process (e.g. record guest consumptions,
make adjustments to charges and payments) as well as inventory and statistics
(e.g. how many rooms are occupied tonight or in three weeks, number of clean
and dirty rooms, rooms out of order, etc.) ex.:. Amadeus Hotel FrontRes PMS
Queen size bed
Bed measuring 1.60 m x 2 m.
Room change
Term used when moving a guest to another room
Single Bed
Bed for 1 person (various sizes available).
Single room
Room with sleeping facilities for only one person.
Stay over
Guest staying in the hotel.
3 separated beds (possible different sizes).
Twin Bed
Two separate beds (various sizes available).
Breakfast Hours
At Hotel du Jorat, this takes place between 06.30am – 10.00am.
The heated pool
At Hotel du Jorat, this has free entrance between 8am and 10pm.
The Rooms
At Hotel du Jorat, there are 80 Standard rooms (40 Standard King and 40 Standard Twin Queen with 4
rooms equipped for disabled guests),
60 Deluxe rooms (30 Standard King with 2 rooms equipped for disabled guests
and 30 Standard Twin Queen),
20 Junior suites (10 Standard King and 10 Standard Twin Queen with 2 rooms
equipped for disabled guests)
Auxilary Services and Facilities
At Hotel du Jorat, you will find:
Dry-cleaning service,
Heated pool, free entrance between 8am and 10pm
Sauna and Fitness, free entrance
Parking, Chf 10.-/day.
These are examples of…
Restaurant “Le Chalet Suisse”
80 seats, opening hours: 11.00am – 02.00pm
07.00pm – 11.00pm
Standard Room
18m2: Situated on our 1st and 2nd floors, our standard rooms are equipped with
one large bed or two separate beds, they offer comfort and tranquility. Furnished in light colors, all rooms
are equipped with a bathroom holding a bath tub. We offer a choice between lake and forest view, and
all standard items adding to your comfort such as TV with 50 channels, WIFI and a safety deposit box.
Deluxe Room
25m2: In our spacious Deluxe rooms situated on the 3rd and 4th floor, you have a view
over the beautiful lake or the forest from the rooms’ balcony. There is a choice between one large or
two separate beds. They are all furnished in modern colors with a large seating area.
Junior Suite
35m2: Our junior suites come with a choice between a king size bed or two separate
queen size beds. The sitting area is equipped with a sofa bed. The rooms have a large bathroom with
separate shower as well as two individual toilets. You (and your family) will enjoy a unique comfort and
complete privacy during your stay.
Room Rates
Room Rates
Check out, Check in
You may ____________ at 11AM. You may __________ at 3PM.
The travel and tourism industry
is composed of a vast group of businesses oriented towards providing necessary or desired products and services to travelers.
According to: Kasavana, M., L. (2013). Managing Front Office Operations. (9th ed.). Lansing: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.
The five parts of the travel and tourism industry
lodging operations, transportation services, food and beverage operations, retail stores, and travel related activities.
According to: Kasavana, M., L. (2013). Managing Front Office Operations. (9th ed.). Lansing: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.
Reservation Procedure
This stage involves the guest selecting the most appropriate hotel – according to the nature of his/her trip, hotel location, and price.
Answer the phone within the 3rd ring
Answer promptly using proper introduction (tone of voice, vocabulary!)
Memorize the name of the person calling
Use the name of the caller during the conversation
Define the guest’s needs
Ask for arrival and departure dates
Confirm the number of nights and the exact number of days
Ask for number of rooms
Ask for number of persons / children / per room / in total
Define if the reservation is part of a group, seminar or for a special event
Understand the needs of the guests (special requests)
Make a proposal and sell
Verify the availability
Suggest, sell and offer at least 2 rooms by giving a description of the rooms
Use benefit statements in your descriptions.
Ask which room the customer would like to reserve
Explain what is included in the rate, i.e. VAT, holiday tax
Ask for and explain a guaranteed versus a non‐guaranteed reservation
If guaranteed ask in which way / with what
If guaranteed inform the guest of the cancellation policies
Record and finish the reservation
Fill out the reservation form (mobile phone number/email required)
Repeat ALL the details of the reservation
Offer, if possible other hotel services
Thank the guest
Register the reservation
Preparation and Check In Procedure
AT this stage of the guest cycle, the guest checks-in and settles into the bedroom for one or several nights.
The day before arrival
Tomorrows’ arrival list with corresponding guest files
Room status report from the Housekeeping department
Verifying the reservations with pre allocation of rooms
Prepare the welcoming documents (key card, welcome booklet….)
Update the daily room plan
The check in
Greet and welcome the guest, eye contact:
Good morning, afternoon or evening Mr. / Mrs. ……. Welcome to the Hotel……
Use the guest’s name as soon as you know it or substitute with Sir / Madam
Ask how you may help the guest
Ask for the guest’s name and retrieve the reservation
Ask whether the guest enjoyed his/her trip
Reconfirm room rate, type, dates of stay, number of persons, as well as the bed type

Critical step in this process – if the receptionist is busy he/she must show the guest by eye-contact or a discreet sign that he has noted his presence.

Guest sent by Travel Agency
Special Case: ask for the voucher and compare with the confirmation from the agency
Corporate Guest
Special Case: verify the billing instructions; prepare the invoice in the system (if not already done)
Client VIP
Special Case: Special attention required
Reconfirm the reservation details. Be careful with confidential rates from TA
When checking some one in, try to do this.
Method of payment
Discreetly do this. Request credit card or cash payment for the entire stay (NOT if the guest is full credit).
Check-in steps
Hand out the arrival form explaining what type of information is required
While the guest fills in the arrival form, proceed with Opera check-in
Verify that all required information has been written on the arrival form in a fully legible manner
Inform the guest if he/she is benefiting from an up-grade
It is important to do this upon guest’s arrival: passing along the guest of hotel’s facilities, tourist information in the region, special events taking place during the stay
Name and room number (with key)
Should be presented to guest. Never said aloud.
the front desk is respondible for coordinating guest services and should respond to requests in a timely and accurate manner in order to maximize guest satisfaction.
attitudes and discipline of the reception staff
should at all times offer a high quality service with enthusiasm. He / she should be smiling and attentive towards the client and the team members.
smile and recognize
One should do this for guests at all moments.
Have a good _____________________ (impeccable uniform, clean and polished shoes, tidy hair, shaven/with discreet make up, name tag are all essential.)
Use a polite ______________ and be respectful towards every person (guests and co-workers).
During moments of high activity, keep a positive attitude, never let the _________ affect your work.
________________the needs of the guest and try to surpass the guest’s expectations
In order to optimize the service, it is necessary to maintain an excellent level of _________________ between the team members.
When needed, do not hesitate to ask for ______ from your team members or your superior.
Preparation and check out procedure
The guest vacates the room and checks-out (settles the account and returns the room keys) before leaving the hotel.
The day before departure
Tomorrows’ departure list with corresponding billing instructions
Verify the routing instructions
-If the breakfast is included, make sure none are billed to the guest. Deduct straight away any breakfast charges. Same apply for half board and full board
-If room is paid for by company, agent…, prepare if necessary a second window on the invoice (verify that the correct and complete address of company, agent… have been entered)
The check-out
Ask how you may help the guest
Ask for the guest’s room number. Reconfirm the name in the PMS
Ask whether the guest enjoyed his/her stay at the hotel
Ask the guest if he /she consumed anything from the minibar and if he /she had breakfast this morning
Update and present the __________ to the guest while reading the charges to him/her
-If dispute concerning one of the charges verify that the file contains a signed guest check for the consumption, if not it is our mistake …
Ask if the guest has already vacated his/her room, if not ask at what time he/she believes they will be doing so.
Corporate Client Check Out
depending on billing instructions from the company – one possibility: collect the payment for the guest’s extras and ask for a signature on the main account which will be sent to the company.
Travel Agent Check Out
collect the payment for the extras; ask for signature on the main account which is to be sent to the travel agency. Verify that the voucher is in the guest file.
late check-out or stay over
In case of ___________ or ______________, key card must be reprogrammed
Wish the guest a pleasant ___________ and express the wish to welcome him soon.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
With a base of physiological needs the top is self-actualization.
Increased prevention is imperative. Staff and students must follow
relevant, suitable and thorough training.
Approaches and processes must be set up to anticipate, prevent,
control, analyse, and correct any potential negligence or weakness.
Training, recommendations, strict hygiene habits, and efficient
monitoring are the key to avoid risks of contamination which can be transmitted
by people, equipment, and the environment.
hand washing
The first preventive action is ________________. It has been observed that the initial
causes for contamination are hand borne.
This represents the hub of the hotel. It is the arrival, the waiting, and the meeting point. Its functions include
-welcoming the guest (furniture, lighting)
-point of information (concierge)
-documentation (brochures)
The Guest Cycle
This cycle is composed of four parts:
1. Pre-arrival
2. Arrival
3. Stay
4. Departure
Organizational chart
Organizational chart
Day Use
These type of stays have to be guaranteed with a method of payment.
After making a new reservation, make sure you have the guest’s phone and ______________ to send the confirmation number.
Occupied Room
Code: O or OCC
Definition: A guest is currently registered to the room
Complimentary Room
Code: Comp.
Definition: The room is occupied but the guest is not to be charged for its use.
Stayover room
Code: none
Definition: The guest is not checking out today and will occupy the room for at least one more night.
On-change room
Code: O/C
Definition: The guest has departed, but the room has not yet been cleaned and readied for sale.
Do not disturb
Code: DND/Privacy
Definition: The guest has requested not to be disturbed
Sleep-out room
Code: none
Definition: A guest is registered to the room, but the bed has not been used.
Code: none
Definition: The guest has left the hotel without making arrangements to settle his/her account.
Scanty baggage
Code: SB
Definition: The guest has very light luggage that could be carried away in his/her hand without indicating an obvious departure, should he/she walk out with it.
Sleeper/not cleared
Code: NC
Definition: The guest has settled his/her account and left the hotel, but the front office staff have failed to properly update the room status.
Code: V/C or CR
Definition: The room has been cleaned, inspected, and is ready for an arriving guest. Also known as vacant-and-cleaned or checked-and-ready room.
Out-of-order room
Code: OOO
Definition: The room cannot be assigned to a guest. It may need maintenance work to be done, refurbishing, or extensive cleaning.
Lockout room
Code: none
Definition: The room has been locked so that the guest cannot re-enter until he/she has been given clearance by a hotel official.
Did not check out
Code: DNCO
Definition: The guest made arrangements to settle his/her account but has left without informing the front office.
Due-out room
Definition: The room is expected to become vacant after the following day’s check-out time.
Code: CO or C/O
Definition: The guest has settled his/her account, returned the room keys and left the hotel.
Also known as vacated, departure room
Late check-out
Code: none
Definition: The guest has settled his/her account, returned the room keys, and left the hotel.
Vacant Room
Code: V
Definition: A room in which no guest has slept the previous night and which is not yet occupied.
Luggage in
Code: L
Definition: The guest’s luggage is in the room but the bed has not been slept in.
Under-repair room
Code: UR
Definition: The guestroom is not to be assigned to any guest as repair work is being carried out.
No luggage/no baggage
Code: NL or NB
Definition: The guest is staying in the room but is without luggage.
Double-lock room
Code: DL
Definition: A room which has been double-locked. No other key can open this room door except the grandmaster key or the emergency key.
Rack Rate
Also known as full rate
A non-guaranteed reservation’s method of payment is…
To undo a cancelled reservation, simply click…
Company reservation
For this reservation, the method of payment is city ledger (debtor) through the use of a voucher. Routing instructions will be needed. One will have to update the rate, market, payment, and rating (window).
Another word for “window”
house rate
an “internal” member of a hotel establishment or chain who will receive (a) free night'(s) lodging.
Estimated time of Arrival
Guest Direct
If market not provided when making a new reservation, simply select…
Market types
AIR – airline
COR – corportate
INT – internal
LEI – leisure
WHL – wholesale
TRA – travel agency
Mention the name
When on the phone with a potential or confirmed guest, it is critical to do this repeatedly.
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