EDPM- Electronic Document Preparation & Management

an electronic device that accepts(data) and processes data to produce information.
Advantages of computer usage include
speed, accuracy, storage and reliability.
A computer system consist of
hardware, software, procedures, data and people.
Classes of computer are:
Mainframes, Minicomputers, Microcomputers, Supercomputers.
CPU is otherwise known as
systems unit
The types of computers are
Microcomputers, Minicomputers, Mainframe and Supercomputers.
Microcomputers are also called
personal computers.
A Laptop is considered to
be a microcomputer
A desktop
is a personal computer
What devices are there
input, output , storage
What is an input device
used to enter numbers, sounds, pictures and information
Is a digital camera an input device
What is an output device
are the parts that allow you to obtain information from the computer in the form of text, images, or sounds.
the two types of printers are
non-impact printers and impact printers.
Is a monitor an output devise
Storage devices are used to
preserve files that can be later by the computer.
Storage devices include
memory cards, floppy disk, DVD, CD, etc.
Is a multimedia projector
An output device.
Is a mouse an
input device
What is CPU
Central Process Union

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