Economics Final

Regulates sale of stock in a corporation.
Securities and Exchange Commission
A merger of corporations involved in different steps of manufacturing or marketing is known as a…
Vertical Merger
What owners own dividends?
Corporation Owners
Economic system in which private citizens own the factors of production.
What economy is capable of drastic change in a short time?
The supply of a product normally decreases if…
Taxes of the product increase.
Investors who sign a contract guaranteeing them the option of selling share of stock at a specified price in the future have agreed to a…
Put Option
The first federal legislation to exempt unions from the antitrust laws was the…
Clayton Antitrust Act
Which of the following prohibits wage and salary discrimination for jobs that require equivalent skills and responsibilities?
Equal Pay Act
The incidence of a tax can more effectively be shifted from the supplier to the consumer if…
The demand curve is inelastic.
Transfer payments from the government to individuals or other levels of government might be used to…
Support Social Security.
Tax-deferred investment and savings plan that acts as a personal pension fund for many employees?
401K Plan
Market where money is loaned for more than one year.
Capital Market
Firm that makes loans to consumers and buys installment contracts from merchants who sell goods on credit?
Finance Company
Court order not to act.
Medicare and Social Security tax.
Payroll Taxes
Unemployment directly related to swings in the business cycle?
Cyclical Unemployment
What is made up of 12 district banks and member banks?*
The Federal Reserve
In the short run, an increase in the money supply results in?
Lower interest rates
Decreases in aggregate supply can be caused by…
Higher interest rates
Unlike demand-side economics, supply-side economics advocates ________ government involvement in business.
Members of which group on the Federal Reserve organization chart must buy stock in a Federal Reserve Bank?
Member Banks
In which stage of development does the national income grow faster than the population?

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