ECON Quiz 1

The basic difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics is that:
microeconomics is concerned with the trees (individual markets) while macroeconomics is concerned with the forest (aggregate markets).

As depicted in _________________________________, it is necessary to give up some of one good to gain more of the other good.
the production possibilities frontier

Attending college is a case where the ________________ exceeds the monetary cost.
opportunity cost

Gomer decides to spend an hour playing basketball rather than studying. His opportunity cost is:
the benefit to his grades from studying for an hour

Scarcity implies that:
it is impossible to completely fulfill the unlimited human desire for goods and services with the limited resources available.

The general pattern that consumption of the first few units of any good tends to bring a higher level of _______ to a person than consumption of later units is a common pattern.

The choice on a production possibilities set that is socially preferred, or the choice on an individual’s budget constraint that is personally preferred, will display
allocative efficiency

Referring to Table 2-1 below: A student has only a few hours to prepare for two different exams this afternoon. The below table shows alternative possible exam scores with three alternative uses of the student’s time. The opportunity cost of scoring a 94 on the economics exam rather than a 77 is:
15 points on the history exam.

Which of the following best describes a fiscal policy tool?
government spending

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