EAH Lesson 22: War Hawks, Indians, and the War of 1812

TecumsehAn Indian leader who gave up the white mans ways and tried to rally the Indians against the white man.
William Henry HarrisonHe was in charge of the Indian territory, tried to “civilize” the Indian by making them farmers, and swindled Indians out of millions of acres of land.
Andrew JacksonAn Indian fighter and commander of US forces in the Battle of New Orleans.

What was the Red Stick Confederacy?An Indian group led by Tecumseh that fought Williams Henry Harrison.
How did “Old Ironsides” get its nickname?After defeating two British ships; it appeared impenetrable to cannon balls
Who participated in the Creek War and what was the end result?Andrew Jackson led the army attack against the Creek Indians who massacred citizens. The Creek Indians hoped to defeat the Americans while they waged war against Britain.
What happened in 1814 that strengthened the British military in America?Napoleon was defeated, after which the British were able to concentrate all their forces in America.
What happened after the battle of Bladensburg?American troops were defeated and fled; President Madison left the White House and the British burned Washington.
What prevented the British fleet from advancing to Baltimore by water?Ft. McHenry prevented the British fleet from advancing to Baltimore by water.
What were the terms of the Peace of Ghent?No changes were made in the borders or territories of the United States.
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