E-media fast report Essay Example
E-media fast report Essay Example

E-media fast report Essay Example

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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Initially, as someone who works with e-media on a daily basis, my expectations for a week without these sources were low. However, the experience allowed me to recognize how dependent many people are on e-media. The challenges of abstaining from digital media during the sacrifice week weren't too significant, but it sparked ideas for alternative activities. For instance, I went for a run in the park and had enough time to buy fresh vegetables and cook a delicious meal. Instead of watching TV, my evening routine transformed into enjoyable board game sessions with my roommates. Nevertheless, difficulties arose when it came to researching university assignments since even the library system relies on search engines to find resources; thus, I had t


o interrupt the e-media fast by using them. Additionally, completing typing assignments became challenging as typewriters are hard to come by nowadays. Moreover, apart from avoiding e-media usage, I also decided not to use social media platforms like Facebook which unfortunately made me miss out on a friend's party where much of the communication was happening through that tool.However, I found that by restricting the amount of time I spent on Facebook to every 20 minutes, it allowed me to have more free time for my personal hobbies and interacting with others. Overall, taking a break from electronic media was advantageous, but it is not feasible to continue this practice indefinitely due to its importance in academic and professional settings.

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