Dual Credit Psychology Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Worksheet

Your university is hosting an interdisciplinary conference entitled “Contemporary Perspectives on Evolution.” Two leading psychologists have been invited to debate the effects of nature and nurture on human behavior. They would most likely reach the consensus that these two entities ____.
are not mutually exclusive

who credited for first describing the contrast between heredity and environment as “nature versus nurture”?
Francis Galton

As human beings, we each have a personal set of instructions, or alleles. What term best describes this set?

Gene expressions results in the synthesis of what component of a living cell?

Jang, who has Type A blood, inherited the gene for Type A blood from his mother and the gene for Type O blood from his father. What is the genotype for Jang’s blood type?
Type AO

Each cell type in the human body has
the same set of genes, but different gene expressions

variations of a single gene are known as

the probability that two people share the same allele from a common ancestor is referred to as

You are attending a family reunion of your dad’s extended family. You often wonder how you could be related to any of them based on their physical and behavioral characteristics. What is the chance you share an allele with your first cousins?
one eighth

Your sister-in-law frequently comments on how many traits you seem to have in common with your eight-year-old niece. You share your extensive knowledge on genetics and explain that the chance you share an allele with your niece is ____.
one fourth

the study of gene-environment interactions in the production of phenotype is called

Leena and Leia are identical twins. Which of the following is true of their genetic makeup?
They have identical genotypes but not identical phenotypes

Which example best illustrates the concept of epigenetics?
Josh and Jason are identical twins; Josh is two inches taller than Jason

If genes play no part in producing phenotypical differences between individuals, heritability is ____.

Why does Huntington’s disease have heritability ratio of 1.0?
If someone inherits the gene for Huntington’s disease, it is inevitable that he/she will acquire the disease.

Heritability of most human traits is typically in the range of
0.30 tp 0.60

What do modern biologists describe as the “descent with modification from a common ancestor”?

The process by which survival and reproduction pressures act to change the frequency of alleles in subsequent generations is referred to as ____.
natural selections

An error that occurs when DNA is replicated is referred to as a ____.

A change in a population’s genes from one generation to the next due to chance or accident is referred to as a ____.
genetic drift

What is true of genetic mutations?
they typically cause no phenotypical change

Which scenario best illustrates the concept of genetic drift?
There is a higher than average rate of Ellis-van Creveld syndrome in the Amish community because the diseased allele was introduced by some of the original Amish settlers.

A change due to natural selection is referred to as

Which scenario best illustrates the concept of adaptation?
Plant “B” has a rare waxy leaf variant; as the environment becomes more arid, the waxy leaf variant becomes more prevalent.

Over the seven-million-year period of hominin evolution ____.
brains grew very rapidly

The major factor distinguishing human intelligence from the intelligence of other species is the ____.
richness and complexity of social behaviors

What psychological perspective assumes that our current behavior exists because it provided survival and reproductive advantages to our ancestors?
evolutionary pyschology

The field of evolutionary psychology directly descends from which early school of thought?

Which statement is most consistent with the evolutionary psychology perspective?
Men are promiscuous because of the need to spread their genes

What is the common factor that most influences the social behavior of all species?

Reciprocal altruism is best described as helping someone who ____.
where individuals are in regular contact

Reciprocal altruism is best described as helping someone who ____.
you expect will help you in the future

From an evolutionary psychological perspective, why would social structures be more important for humans than for other animals?
Humans lack impressive claws or teeth

The development of traits that help an individual compete for mates is referred to as ____.
sexual selection

The term intrasexual selection refers to ____.
same-sex competition for a mate

On a field assignment with her students, Professor Miller observes two male elephant seals engaged in a fierce battle. She explains to her students that they are fighting for mating control of the female harem, a process termed ____.
intrasexual selection

Which of the following best describes a characteristic of intersexual selection?
Having characteristics that are likely to attract a mate

Researchers believe that humor attracts potential mates because it signifies ____.

A recent study found that when men and women describe an “ideal date,” both sexes indicate that a sense of humor is an important feature. What were the specific findings of the study?
Men were interested in women who appreciated, rather than produced, humor, while women were interested in men who made them laugh.

The practices, values, and goals shared by groups of people is referred to as ____.

compared with hunter-gatherer societies, agricultural societies are more

As societies became larger, humans devised new cultural systems to ____.
maintain group cohesion

An evolutionary psychologist would suggest that the function of a tradition, such as wearing green on St. Patrick’s day, is to ____.
enhance the sense of group membership

Molly, whose eyes are brown, inherited a gene for blue eyes from her mother and a gene for brown eyes from her father. Molly’s brown eyes are part of her ____.

What is the relationship between a gene and DNA?
A gene is a specific segment of DNA

The process of gene expression involves ____.
converting genetic instructions into a feature of a living cell

Darren suffers from fragile bone X (FBX) disorder. He inherited the FBX allele from his father and the normal allele for bone development from his mother. What can we conclude?
FBX is a dominant allele.

Janelle inherited the allele for muscle fiber X (MFX) disorder from her mother and the normal allele for muscle fiber formation from her father. Janelle does not suffer from any variant of MFX disorder. What can we conclude?
THe MFX gene is recessive

Scott suffers from metabolic insufficiency X (MIX) disorder. His mother also has MIX disorder, but his father does not. What can we conclude?
Scott may or may not pass down the gene fro MIX disorder to his children

When a parent’s cell divides to make an egg or sperm cell, each resulting cell contains ____.
23 chromosomes

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