Drivers Ed permit test study guide

If you must drive during heavy snow or fog, use your
Low beam headlights
In densely packaged snow you should
Use chains or snow tires
Alcohol related highway deaths account for
38% of all traffic fatalities
If you accumulate 7 or more points on your traffic record you may
Attend a Driver Improvement Clinic to deduct three points from your driving record
The traffic conviction that adds the highest number of points (5) to your driviing record is
Passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children
Secondary roads are where
Hills are more likely to be steeper and curves are likely to be sharper than on primary roads
Speed limits in cities and towns
35 mph
To restore a revoked drivers license
Visit driver license office, pay a restoration fee and reapply for license
3 vehicles reach a 4way stop at same time right if way belongs to
Car on right
Swaying vehicle, leans, or bounces has a problem with
Suspension system
Experience a breakdown you should
Pull over and raise hood
Safe driving distance between cars by
2 second rule
If you take meds before driving
Find out the effect it has
On long road trip
Stop and rest every 100 miles
Before passing someone
Look ahead to make sure theres enough room
When driving down steep hill
Shift to lower gear
Run off the side of the road you should
Gradually take your foot off the gas pedal
On rural highways farm equipment usually
Max speed of 15 to 20 mph
If you’re driving into a circle you should
Yield to cars already in circle
If you are in a crash you should
Move car off the road
School buses required to
Stop at all railroad crossings
In city traffic you
Be alert for drivers who make quick stops
Truckers have serious _ into which cars can disappear from view
Blind spots
Unless a sign says no turn on redvyou can turn right on red
After stopping to make sure the turn can be made safely
For any underage person who aids or abets another attempting to purchase any alcoholic beverage the law requires
1 yr license revoke
Licensed revoked immediately if your blood alcohol concentration is at least
0.08 percent
When approaching a road thats blicked from view you
Stop and proceed with caution
Defensive drivers check rearview mirrors roughly
Every 10 secs
45 mph you signal how far before turning
2P0 ft
If you plan to turn but arent in the proper lane
Turn at next intersection
Most common accident on a highway is
Rear end collision
When driving behind someone
You should not use your high beams
To dry wet brakes
Gently apply the brakes
“Dont hang out in the no zone” refers to
Truckers blind spots
Approaching railroad crossing you
Slow down and prepare to stop
If you pull up to a red arrow
Turning lane is the only lane that should stop
Pedestrian walking at night should
Carry or wear something white
Use high beams when
Highway with no car approaching
Slippery roads are most likely to occur when
It has just begun to drizzle or rain
When behind a farm vehicle on a two lane road
Wait until the farm vehicle has the chance to pull over to the side then pass with caution
Tractor trailers
Have large blind spots to side and rear
When preparing for a right hand turn
Turn on signal and approach right side of road
Shoudler check is
Quick glance over shoulder on the side in which you intend to turn or change lanes
If you get tired on long trip
Stop and rest
Blank white swuare with black border
Speed limit
Handle a curve best by
Apply brakes and slow down before entering the curve
While parking car on a downhill street you should
Turn wheels toward curb
Speed limit outside of cities and towns is
55 mph
Max speed for school bus
45 mph
At intersection without traffic lights
Pedestrian has right of way
Very slow driving is especially dangerous when
You just passed the crest of a hill or just after rounding a curve
On a freeway if you miss an exit
Proceed to next exit
Under points system
Get 12 within a 3 yr period may lose license
Driver can lose license if
Convicted of speeding more than 70 mph in a 55 mph zone
In cities 2 of 5 ppl killed in motor vehicle accidents are
If you refuse to submit blood or breath test
License is suspended for 1 yr
When crossing with green signal
Pedestrians have right of way over all vehicles
When entering interstate use acceleration lane until
Speed matches other traffic and then merge safely
Leak in exhaust system
Can allow poisionous carbon monoxide gas to enter passenger compartment of vehicle
For safe driving and fuel economy
Tires should have right amt of air pressure
Most bicycle accidents occur in
Residential areas
If your car is in a skid
Turn wheel in direction the rear is skidding
Flashing red signal
Same meaning as stop sign
In youre involved in a crash
Notify nearest law enforcement officer of agency
Nc license is required if
Sitting in seat of vehicle if motor is running
If approaching car fails to dim lights
Watch road ahead and avoid looking at their lights