Drivers ed chapter 8 and unit 2 review

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Injuries and deaths from motorcycle collisions are primarily from..
the exposed position of the rider
What makes it difficult for vehicle drivers to judge a motorcycle’s speed and distance
The motorcycle’s smaller size
An oncoming motorcyclist is signaling for a left turn. A vehicle driver preparing to turn left in front of the motorcycle should complete the turn only after the motorcyclist has
started in th path of a left turn
Why are motorcyclists often difficult to see behind your vehicle?
The relativley small size of the motorcycle is lost in your blind-spot area
To protect a tailgating motorcyclist while following alnother vehicle, you should
increase your following distance
When a motorcyclist is overtaking you, you should
mantian speed and lane position
As the driver of a vehicle, you should
never tailgate a cyclist before passing
A motorcyclist’s balance and stability depend on..
two small areas of the tires gripping the roadway
If the motorcyclist applies the front brake too hard, the
front brake can lock up and cause loss of control
A motorcyclist might have more difficulty stopping than a vehicle driver because
motorcycles require use of hand and foot brakes
Death or injury to a motorcyclist often results because the motorcyclist
lacks protective equipment
In terms of traction the worst time for a motorcyclist is
Immediatly after the rain starts
How should a motorcyclist cross railroad tracks
as close to a right angle ass possible
Motorcyclists can make themselves more visible at night by
putting reflective tape on their helment and clothing
When riding a bicycle at night
use a headlight that is visible atleast 500 feet away
Mopeds and some motor scooters are restriced from
certain highspeed highways
Mopeds might not be able to keep up with traffic flow because
they do not accelerate as quickly as a vehicle or motorcycle
The pedestrians most at risk are
children and older persons
Why are so many collisions involving pedstrians occuring at intersections and crosswalks in business districts
Drivers are in too much of a hurry to get to work
When a person leaves a vehicle he or she becomes
a pedestrian
Most states require that when a school bus is stopped to load or unload passengers on a two way street others
in both directions should stop
If an emergancy vehicle is approaching in heavy traffic you should
move in the direction others are moving
why should you stay out of the open space to the right of a tractor- semitrailer
they make very wide right turns
Plan to pass a large truck when the other driver
shifts gears to gain speed
To prevent conflicts, bicyclists should do six things
Wear a helment for protection, know and follow the rules of the roa lane positioing, and sidewalks for riding, obey all signs and signals and laws, wear light colored clothing and have lights and reflectors on, do not wear headphones, Keep bikes in safe operating condition
Road priveledges
are the same for both motorcyclists and other drivers
Why should a vehicle driver except the responsibilty for avoiding collisions with motorcyclists
Vehicle drivers have more protection
When you cannot see an entire intersection ahead, how can you prepare for a motorcyclist turning left ahead of you
expect smaller vehicles in your path
To make sure that a motorcycle is not in your blind spot, before turning or switching lanes you should
glance over your shoulder
When you see a motorcyclist tailgating you you should
try to avoid sudden braking
Why are you more likely to see a motorcycle in the daytime
Many states require the motorcylce to have its headlights illuminated
When you plan to overtake and pass a motorcycle you should
stay well back til you start to pass
the best way to learn the skills needed to ride a motorcycle safely is to
take a motorcycle riding course taught by a certified instructor
A motorcyclist might experiance more braking control problems than a vehicle driver because
a motorcylcist’s hand and foot controls must be coordinated
When following another vehicle a motorcyclist shoud
increase the following distance
Wearing a motorcycle helment
reduces the risk of fatal head and neck injuries
Motorcyclists can gain exra traction on wet surfaces by
riding in a vehicles tracks
motorcylists should make every effort to
be as visible as possible
What differences between a vehicle and a bicycle place the bicyclist at a major disadvantage in any collision
weight and speed
As bicyclists share the roadway with other roadway users they also must share the
respnosability for avoiding conflicts
Moped and scooter operators
must have a liscense
The driver of the moped opr moter scooter should wear
the same protective clothing that motorcyclists wear
When driving from an alley
stop then proceed
During rain or snow you should predict that pedestrian will
pay little attention to traffic
The jogger is safest when
using a sidewalk or joggng area
When you see a stopped school bus
be alert for pedesrtians near the bus
The three main classifications for trucks are
light medium heavy
When following a large truck, you should increase your following distance because
you need more clear sight distnce
You are meeting a large truck on a two lane road. You
move to lane position 3 and drive straight ahead
Why do adverse weather conditions have a greater effect on a motorcyclist than a vehicle driver
A puddle could hide a pothole that would jolt a car but ccan throw a motorcyle out of control When it rains traction lessens they dont have any devices to keep vision clear

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