Driver’s Ed Chapter 4

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Risk factors contributed by roadway and environment might include
construction, sharp curves, snow, and ice
The driving task is primarily a
thinking task
When you apply the IPDE process, you may decide to
change speed, change direction, or communicate with others
What is the Smith System?
An organized method to help drivers develop good seeing habits
How many zones of space surrounding your vehicle are incorporated in the zone control system?
A closed zone means…
a space not open to you because of a restriction in your line of sight or your path of travel
How many searching ranges need to be evaluated in your path of travel
The process of searching critical areas of the traffic environment in a regular sequence is called
an orderly visual search pattern
You should practice your orderly visual search pattern
as a passenger in a vehicle
When you look far ahead as you drive, you are
aiming high and steering
Scanning means to
glance quickly and continually
Searching for specific driving related clues
Is different in different enviornments
As you drive on a residential street, you spot the following clues: a parked car with front wheels turned toward street and a person behind the wheel. You should:
predict that the vehicle may enter your path
When you identify that a road is narrowing from a multi lane to a single land, you should
move into the through lane as soon as possible
When you use the predict step in the IPDE process you
judge where possible conflicts may occur
Making driving judgments involves
measuring, comparing, and evaluating a traffic situation
You are g0ing to change direction, therefore you must
leave yourself an out
How can you prepare yourself to deal with the worst possible actions of the other HTS users
Assume others will make mistakes
You compromise space when you
you cannot separate or minimize hazards
To compromise space means to
give more space to the greater hazard
When you must handle several hazards at the same time, the best tactic is to
adjust your speed and slow down
What is thinking out loud
commentary driving
What happens if you lock the brakes when braking suddenly
you lose your steering ability
Communication with others to reduce risk in a possible conflict situation involves
making sure others see you
When braking in an emergency stop you should
avoid locking your brakes

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