Development Ch 29

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which of the following statements about the trophoblast is false?
is derived from the inner cell mass
If fertilization occurs, the ________ is maintained because the embryo secretes ________.
corpus luteum, homan chorionic gonadotrophin
extramembryonic membrane gives rise to urinary bladder
allantois (at atlantis have to pee)
extraembyonic membrane forms the fetal portion of the placenta
fluid filled sac
germ layer forms the brain and spinal cord
where in the embryo does mesoderm first appear
between the cell layers of the inner cell mass.
oxygenated blood from the placenta returns to the fetus in the
umbilical vein
region known as the primitive streak is the site of
migration of ectodermal cells to form the mesoderm
three germ layers are formed.
Initially, the nutrients absorbed by the trophoblast easily reach the inner cell mass by simple
The mesoderm and the trophoblast combine to form the
Ectoderm is to ____ as mesoderm is to____
neural tissue, muscle tissue
Shortly after gastrulation, the body and the organs of the embryo begin to form. This is
a space opens within the inner cell mass that will form the
amniotic cavity
Under the influence of the trophoblast, maternal blood vessels in the endometrium
break down and from lacunae
During implanation
the syncytial trophoblast erodes a path through the endometrium.
Inner cell mass of the blastocytst will
form the embryo
A blastocysts is a
hollow ball of cells
Solid ball of cells
nearly identical cells that are produced by early cleavages

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