DECA Marketing Exam Practice

One business promising to do something for another business in return for receiving compensation is an example of
A basic principle of procedural due process involves __________ before taking action.
providing notice
Channels of distribution allow channel members to share
Massimo’s Corner Grocery sells a variety of fruits and vegetables to consumers within the community. Massimo’s is considered a(n)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) increases channel efficiency because it stores product information on a computer chip that is attached to the
box or container.
To assist and support another channel member’s sales promotion in a particular area, a producer might work with the channel member to
coordinate a regional advertising campaign.
What does a channel of distribution usually need to be able to manage or avoid conflict within the channel?
Strong leadership
One of the characteristics of effective verbal communication is
precise speech
Before DiAnn presents her new idea to her boss, she searches the Internet and jots down two statistics that reinforce the idea. This is an example of
supporting ideas with research.
What should you do if you phone an important customer and the customer indicates that you have called at a bad time?
Offer to schedule a second call.
When businesses need to formalize the information provided to employees, customers, or other businesses, they often use __________ communication.
When writing e-mail correspondence to customers and coworkers, it is important to remember that the messages
are often seen by people other than the recipients.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a persuasive sales message:
Makes the product appealing
When Brian got a new job, he made sure he knew how to use the cash register, became familiar with all the products and prices, and kept his work station very organized. In which way did Brian demonstrate the customer-service mindset?
Being efficient
Which of the following is the best way to handle slow/methodical customers:
Help them along by not overwhelming them.
What is the most important economic resource?
Which of the following is a reason that natural resources are considered limited:
The earth has certain boundaries.
One of the advantages of a market economy is
freedom of competition.
Which of the following is not an advantage of labor specialization:
Increased interdependency
Why is the concept of price stability an effective measurement of the state of the economy?
Indicates positive and negative trends
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the peak phase of a business cycle:
High unemployment
Which of the following characteristics describes a person who always arrives at work on time:
A responsible employee who realizes that s/he has given a fellow employee the wrong answer to a work question
would handle the situation by
apologizing and giving the right answer.
One way that businesses can protect the privacy of their customers is to limit the number of employees who have
access to the customers’
personal information.
When you ask coworkers for help and they aren’t able to help you, which of the following responses would be most appropriate:
“Thanks anyway; maybe another time.”
26. Which of the following is a characteristic of good visions:
Permanent results
Achievement-oriented people rely on __________ to set the standards for their work.
A business manager who wants to lead change in the company needs to be
Pedro received a check in the amount of $432.87 from the Tabor Corporation, a company in which he is a stockholder. This source of income is referred to as
Choosing to buy an item at the check-out counter is often an example of
impulsive spending.
Investors take a risk for the potential of receiving which of the following:
Electrical storms, floods, and earthquakes are examples of __________ risk.
A summarization of the total income and expense of a business for a period of time is called
the profit-and-loss statement.
When return on capital is positive, the company is
growing in value.
To make sure that their budgets are effective, what should businesses do with budget information?
Communicate it to all employees
A human-resources manager is reviewing job applications for a marketing position to select which candidates to call for an interview. What process is the human-resources manager performing?
The purpose of using a marketing-information management system to gather data on the activities and new
products of other businesses is to
monitor the competition.
Which of the following is an example of a business obtaining marketing information about consumers in a way that might be considered unethical:
Offering a free product in exchange for personal data
Secondary research is cost-effective for marketers because the data
already exist.
Managers should avoid marketing-research projects that
make little financial sense.
The results of exploratory research are often
Marketers draw samples from
their target population.
Marketing researchers would use the Likert rating scale when its questionnaire’s statements are designed to
measure the respondents’
level of agreement.
Which of the following is a technique that businesses can use to monitor their competitors’ activities:
Reading annual reports
What is an example of a marketing-research method that is used to collect primary data?
Customer survey
When should researchers ask potentially sensitive questions during an interview?
Toward the end of the interview
One reason businesses often avoid using open-ended questions as a method of obtaining results from a marketing survey is because the results may be difficult to
code for evaluation.
It is beneficial to a marketing researcher to use open-ended questions on a survey when
conducting exploratory research.
One of the strengths of using internal sources to collect marketing research information is that the information
pertains directly to the issue.
Which of the following is a measure of how happy a customer is:
Customer satisfaction
Changes that occur in the marketplace may cause an established business to __________ its marketing strategies.
Which of the following is an example of market segmentation on the basis of product usage:
How often a person attends the opera
Why is it important for a business to conduct a situational analysis during the marketing planning process?
To ward off problems
One way for businesses to obtain needed information efficiently is to
access a database.
When developing a computer-based presentation, it is important that each slide contain
key points.
What must businesses determine during the phases of record keeping?
Who will be responsible for record keeping
Which of the following is an ongoing population trend that affects how businesses market their goods and services:
Companies obtain internal information about their various business activities to operate effectively by monitoring
internal records.
Which of the following is a true statement about the term “environment”:
It consists of your surroundings.
Which of the following is an ethical issue that might affect the operations function:
Determine whether the following statement is true or false: Accidents in the workplace cannot be prevented or reduced.
False, employees can be trained in accident prevention.
Protecting company information and intangibles often involves following the rules established to control access to
computer systems.
Raw materials are transformed into finished goods in the __________ process.
Many businesses have eliminated free services in order to
reduce operating expenses.
The most important reason that a business’s public restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis is to
protect the health of customers/clients.
Before you can reach a goal, you must first __________ an appropriate one.
Which of the following is a technique that you can use to become more creative:
Forced association
One of the most effective methods of locating job leads is asking for tips from
Which of the following are the best references to list in a résumé:
Former employers
Membership in a local chamber of commerce is __________ for marketing businesses.
A business that refuses to raise the price of its goods and services that are in high demand in a certain part of the
country because of a natural disaster is being
socially responsible.
What technological advancement has allowed consumers to collect the most information for price-comparison shopping?
Why is it necessary for a business to price its products very carefully?
To get a fair share of the market
Which of the following is the purpose of screening ideas for new products:
To eliminate some ideas
What technological advancement has had the greatest impact on the travel, hospitality, recreation, and insurance industries?
Businesses often identify product opportunities by conducting
trend research.
What does the following statement illustrate: The shelf should be 12″ inches long and weigh 14 ounces.
When a manufacturer provides a full warranty with a product, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to
replace or repair a faulty product.
Which of the following is an example of product bundling:
Business selling computer, printer, and scanner as a unit
A business that positions its products as the ones offering the best quality and service for the price might gain a
competitive advantage.
Walt Disney has sold the rights to Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney characters to a company that makes stuffed
animals. This is an example of brand
Corporate branding provides a variety of products and product lines with a common
In promotional communication, the feedback that buyers (consumers) give to senders (businesses) is usually in the form of
Which of the following newspaper ads would be considered promotional rather than institutional:
A January white sale
Which of the following is an example of a business using unethical promotion:
Exaggerating a product’s attributes in an advertisement
Which of the following is typically NOT a penalty imposed upon marketers who run false or deceptive advertisements:
What does a business’s customers recommending the business to their friends exemplify?
Word-of-mouth communication
In what communications channels are holding press conferences and giving interviews used?
Public relations
Which of the following parts of a print ad often creates an image that people come to associate with that business:
Which of the following is an activity that is performed by a business’s public-relations department:
Coordinating speaking engagements for employees
One reason why it is important for businesses to use public-relations activities to reach external audiences is to
pass on positive information.
Which of the following components of a promotional plan addresses exactly how a business will achieve its goals:
Which of the following is a promotional activity that should be coordinated with an advertised sales event:
Product displays
What should salespeople be prepared to use, when appropriate, to communicate with customers?
Technical terms
Because product quality and price can easily be matched, customer service becomes a key component in business
Selling policies not only benefit the company by providing guidelines for sales activities, employee actions, and services provided, they also help managers to
assess sales staff performance.
What is one way that businesses use the technology of electronic data interchange in the selling function?
To communicate with customers
Which of the following sources of information might provide salespeople with the most information about actual
product performance:
During the feature-benefit selling process, it is important for the salesperson to remember that the customers are buying
Why should managers know how to do the work of the workers they supervise?
To have realistic expectations for workers

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