death as nd dying test 3

a culture focused on aquiring mortuary goods and preparing for the afterlife
the death customs of the ancient egyptians reveal:

psychic force
in ancient egyptian culture, the Ba is a:

focused on the welfare of the bereaved
unlike cultures where the funeral is primarily a vehicle for preparing the dead to successfully migrate to the afterworld, the American funeral is primarily:

focused on the welfare of survivors
in the united states, funerals are mainly:

rites of passage
funerals are akin to other major traditions in a person’s life, in that they all involve:

announcements of death usually occur in a consistent pattern from the immediate family to the wider community
David Sudnow’s study on death notification revealed that:

approximately what percentage of Americans knew within the first hour of president john f. kennedy’s death

mystery business
the funeral business is generally veiwed as a:

to counteract the potential for abuse in the funeral business (in 1984)
why did the u.s f.t.c implement the trade regulation on funeral practices?

the undertaker became a provider of services, he began participating in disposition of the dead, laying out bodies for the wake, transporting the body to the church for the funeral, and finally, transporting the body to the cemetery for burial
which of the following were normal functions of the undertaker in the late 19th century?

with the coming of smaller houses and urbanization, the place for veiwing the body moved from the parlor of the family home, to a room reserved for such use by the undertaker. the local “funeral parlor” became a substitute for the ceremonial room that people no longer had in their own homes
funeral parlors aquired that name because:

were mainly the vestige of a “pagan” superstitious fear of the dead
according to Bertram Puckle, funeral rights:

were overlaid with such ostentation that the essential meaning and dignity of funeral rites had all but disappeared
according to LeRoy Bowman, modern funerals:

bizarre and morbid; efforts to disguise and pretify death made it more grotesque
jessica mitford found modern funerals to be:

life-centered funerals
personalized funerals are also called:

also called “descansos” (resting places), have spread from a regional southwestern Hispanic usage, to appear throughout the u.s. they have s long history: prehistoric traders buried their dead beside the trails of Europe. roadside memorials are far older than roadways and nearly as old as travel itself
roadside memorials marking travel related death:

arterial embalming
president lincoln’s funeral procession increased awareness of the practice of:

obtain express permission to embalm, by the family, in order to charge for the procedure
the ftc funeral rule requires that mortuaries:

gasketed steel
the most popular choice of casket in the u.s is made of:

cryonics or cryogenic suspension
which of the following is generally considered an experimental medical technology?

not a method of body disposal, but rather an experimental technology
cryonics or cryogenic suspension is:

india and japan
in which of the following countries is cremation the most common method of body disposal?

tiny fragments of bone that look and feel like coarse coral sands whose shell-like components are worn by the wind and waves. or- cremains
the ashes left from the cremation process are:

1- it usually does not take place when the feelings about a loss are most intense
2- members of the family are not as exposed to the fact that death has occured, nor do they participate fully, as they would in making funeral arrangements and going through the funerilization process
3- the body is not present, thus, removing the theraputic benefit that comes with fixing the fact of death in the minds of mourners
according to william lamers, substituting a memorial service for a traditional funeral is lacking in which ways?

children can form an elementary understanding of death at a very young age
in the text, the example of a 27 month old child who fears he will die if not given a bottle of sugar water, is intended to show that:

being forced into a dependant role while trying to achieve independence, impaired body image and impaired self concept, limited ability to establish ties with peers, questioning of beliefs, and ambivalence or open conflict with parents
for seriously ill older children and adolescents, concern with death focuses on:

children ages 5-9 tend to be most concerned about the discomforting and possibly disfiguring effects of the disease and related medical procedures
which of the following best characterizes the concerns of seriously ill children ages 5-9?

distancing strategies to limit the number of people with whom they have close relationships, thus reducing the number of opportunities for distressing interactions, making deals that allow some desire to be fulfilled once the pain has been endured, regression, reverting to baby-like behavior, and substituing competition in physical sports for competition in board/video games, forgetting toilet training
which of the following coping mechanisms are used by children to cope with serious illness?

agreement to a proposed treatment or procedure

the george mark children’s house, founded in 2004 in the san francisco bay area
which was the first free standing children’s end of life care facility in the united states

a parent’s death is perceived as a loss of security, affection, and:

whether it is in the child’s best interest for a parent to be involved in medical procedures that cause the child pain. parents should focus on the role of being a parent, not a nurse
when caring for a seriously ill child, what should be kept in mind?

guilt or blame
if a child believes he or she may have played a role in the events that led to a death, what emotions might they feel?

of all the deaths that may be experienced in childhood, the most affecting is likely to be the death of a:

4 years old
children can experience “survivor’s guilt” as young as:

suicide or homicide
coping is most likely to become complicated when the death of a parent results from:

the compationate friends, bereaved families of ontario, camp jamie, camp erin, the dougy center for grieving children in portland, oregon
name some support groups that help children cope with death

be truthful and stick to basic facts, keep the explanation simple, and verify that the child has understood
when parents explain death to children, they should:

verify what they think you have told them
when talking to children about death it is important to:

tell the truth, dont put off introducing the topic of death, while considering the child’s developmental level
when discussing death with a child an adult should:

children can be confused by metaphors and take them quite literally
the text uses the example of the young woman who avoided seeds into adulthood to illustrate how:

may feel neglected and resent adjustments they must make in their own lives. to counteract these feelings, help the child feel that he or she is a fully participating member of the family. encourage the child to be a part of the process of dealing with the illness
the well child in a family where a sibling or parent is terminally ill:

denies the validity of the child’s spontaneous emotion
when a child is dealing with emotional pain, admonishing the child to “be brave”:

they could be perceived literally
in explaining death to children, how are statements like, “gone away for a long sleep,” and, “up in heaven” perceived?

talk about them in a way that avoids confusing the child
when discussing death in conjunction with religious beliefs, parents should:

alarming to the child, hightening anxiety about the crisis
when a child is ill or a death occurs inside the family, sudden changes in family communication patterns can be:

using books as an aid to coping
what is bibliotherapy?

the average funeral home handles how many calls per year?

spontaneous shrines
memorial wall art, sidewalk memorials, roadside crosses, and cyber memorials are examples of:

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