CWV – Unit 5

1. Summarize Romans 3:20-26.
• Following the law won’t save you, it just makes you aware of sin.
• All have sinned
• God sent Jesus as atonement

1. Summarize Matthew 5:44.
Love your enemies, pray for persecutors

3. How does the textbook interpret Matthew 18:21-35 and the Christian’s ability to forgive others?
“one has to commit to the notion that a person who is dragging him or her down, as it were, is more important than any kind of self-preservation” ? CH 6

4. Describe the Christian view of salvation and how it differs from the views of other religions.
Not about what we do, but what He did to give us salvation. Other religions don’t offer salvation.

5. What three words beginning with “R” used in the lesson and lecture summarize the gospel message?
• Rescue
• Redemption
• Renewal

1. Briefly summarize Isaiah 53:4-6.
• Jesus experienced pain for us
• His punishment gave us peace
• We have all sinned, and Jesus took the punishment for all of it

7. What is the mark of a Christian according to Jesus in John 13:35?
Loving one another

8. Read Hebrews 9:24-28. Briefly state the point in each of the last three verses (26-28).
• One time death for all of sin
• People will die and be judged
• Jesus (1) died for sins, and is (2) coming back to bring salvation

1. Summarize John 20:24-29. What is the significance of this passage for Christians today?
• Today, Christians are blessed for not having been able to have the convenience of actually seeing Jesus (like Thomas did) to believe

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