CSC 105 Test 1

The first digital computer was developed for conducting the census.
____ is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices.
The first digital computers were built during World War II for ____.
code breaking
____ software refers to any software that is installed on a computer’s hard disk.
Initially sales were slow for the personal computer because of ____.
lack of software
In 1982, the percentage of households that had a computer was closest to ____ percent.
When restrictions on commercial use of the ____ were lifted in 1995, companies such as AOL and CompuServe became popular services.
The ____ phase of the digital revolution materialized in the 1990s when the Internet was opened to public use.
According to the text, a key aspect of ____ is that it adds content and substance to ____.
the Web, the Internet
During the period from ____, computing was characterized by the Web, e-mail, multiplayer games, music downloads, and enormous software applications.
A group of computers linked together to share data and resources is a(n) ____.
____ computing provides access to information, applications, communications, and storage over the Internet.
Technology ____ is a process by which several different technologies with distinct functionality evolve to form a single product.
____ media are cloud-based applications designed for social interaction and consumer-generated content.
____ tools cloak a person’s identity online.
A named collection of data that exists on a storage medium is known as (a) ____.
A set of computer programs that helps a person carry out a task is ____.
application software
A set of computer programs that helps a computer monitor itself and function more efficiently is ____.
system software
Data becomes ____ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use.
The type of data where text, numbers, graphics, sound, and video have been converted into discrete digits as represented in the accompanying figure is ____.
The binary number 10 represents ____ in the decimal number system.
The type of code that uses eight bits for each character is ____.
Extended ASCII
Digital devices can use ____ as a code to represent character data.
all of the above
Storage is typically expressed as ____.
1,024 bytes is a ____.
1,048,576 bytes is a ____.
A(n) ____ converts and executes one statement at a time.
A ____ is a series of characters that becomes a person’s unique identifier.
user ID
Password management functions include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
recording keystrokes
A super-thin slice of semiconducting material packed with microscopic circuit elements is a(n) ____.
all of the above
The term ____ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.
D:peripheral device
The ____ is the case that holds the computer’s main circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, power supply, and storage devices.
B:system unit
____ means a billion cycles per second.
In an advertisement, a speed specification, such as 3.4 GHz, indicates the speed of the microprocessor ____.
____ refers to the number of bits that a microprocessor can manipulate at one time.
B:Word size
A technology called ____ allows the processor to begin executing another instruction before it completes the previous instruction.
Many of today’s microprocessors perform ____, in which multiple instructions are executed at the same time.
C:parallel processing
____ is a temporary holding area for data, application program instructions, and the operating system.
RAM can be thought of as the ____ for the computer’s processor.
C:waiting room
Unlike disk storage, most RAM is ____.
If a program exceeds its allocated space, the operating system uses an area of the hard disk called ____ to store parts of a program or data file until they are needed.
C:virtual memory
For good basic performance, a computer running Windows 7 or 8 should have at least ____ of RAM.
1 GB
____ is a type of memory circuitry that holds the computer’s startup routine.
C:ROM (Read only memory)
A(n) ____ chip is a type of non-volatile memory chip that does not require power to hold data.
____ is the ability of a device to “jump” directly to the requested data.
C:Random access
Storage capacity usually is measured in ____.
B:gigabytes or terabytes
Hard disk storage technology can be classified as ____ storage.
In the accompanying figure, which of the following is NOT true of the component in picture C?
B:It is volatile.
CD, DVD, and Blu-ray technologies can be classified as ____ storage.
Which of the following is an example of a rerecordable optical storage medium?
D:all of the above
A built-in ____ in your personal computer can make it simpler to transfer photos from a solid state memory card used in your digital camera.
A:card reader
Solid state storage, also called flash memory storage, ____.
B:provides fairly fast access to data
____ technology produces an image by filtering light through a layer of liquid crystal cells.
Dot pitch is the distance in millimeters between like-colored ____ —the small dots of light that form an image.
The number of colors a monitor can display is referred to as ____.
B:color depth
A printer’s ____ determines how many pages a printer is able to churn out.
C:duty cycle
A ____ is a device that not only provides surge protection, but also furnishes your computer with battery backup power during a power outage.
The ____ indicates that the operating system has encountered an error from which it cannot recover, and the computer no longer accepts any commands.
B:blue screen of death
System software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks.
Application software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks.
An example of mathematical modeling software is ____.
Productivity software that has sophisticated features to help you produce typeset-quality output is considered ____ software.
B:desktop publishing
Software considered to be utility software is ____.
D:hard disk backup software
The type of system software designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment is ____ software.
An example of software most commonly associated with productivity software is ____.
C:word processing software
The intersection of a column and a row on a spreadsheet is called a ____.
Spreadsheets are particularly useful for ____.
A:what-if analysis
In the accompanying figure, the item marked A is a(n) ____.
B:active cell
In the accompanying figure, the item marked B is a(n) ____.
In the accompanying figure, the item marked C is a(n) ____.
A formula can contain ____ and mathematical operators.
C:cell references
In the accompanying figure, the index card represents a single database ____.
In the accompanying figure, the item marked A represents ____.
In the accompanying figure, the items marked C represent ____.
____ searches are simply a collection of words relevant to a search.
Popular presentation software products include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
D:Movie Maker
Web applications are ____.
B:accessed and run on the Web
Mobile apps ____.
D:all of the above
iPads, iPhones, and iPods are only allowed to download apps from the iTunes App Store, and while apps are available from other sources, using them requires an unauthorized change to the device’s software called a(n) ____.
The process of overcoming limitations imposed by mobile service providers on an Android phone is called ____.
The Windows ____ is a database that keeps track of your computer’s peripheral devices, software, preferences, and settings.
____ applications are software that is installed on a computer’s hard disk.
In the accompanying figure, the file marked A is a(n) ____.
A:data file
In the accompanying figure, the file marked B is a(n) ____.
D:executable file
In the accompanying figure, the files marked C is a(n) ____.
C:support program file
To get rid of software you no longer want from a PC, you ____.
C:run an uninstall routine
It is illegal to do all the following with software EXCEPT ____.
C:copy and keep as backup
A shrink-wrap license goes into effect as soon as you ____.
C:open it
Software that may be freely copied, distributed, and even resold is ____.
C:public domain
A security suite will typically include all of the following EXCEPT ____ software.
A command to print a document is relayed through various levels of ____.
The operating system, application software, and ____ are organized similar to the chain of command in an army.
B:device drivers
An operating system’s ____ capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units.
A ____ is an additional set of commands that the computer displays after you make a selection from the main menu.
A ____ displays the options associated with a command.
B:dialog box
The operating system that was developed in 1969 by AT&T’s Bell Labs and gained a good reputation for its dependability is ____.
____ was developed by a Finnish student. It continues to gain popularity as an operating system for personal computers. It is distributed under the terms of a GPL.
The main directory maintained by your computer’s operating system is the ____ directory.
A computer file’s location is defined by a ____.
file specification
In the accompanying figure, C: is an example of a(n) ____.
In the accompanying figure, Music is an example of a ____.
primary folder
In the accompanying figure, Reggae is an example of a ____.
secondary folder
In the accompanying figure, Marley One Love is an example of a ____.
file name
In the accompanying figure, mp3 is an example of a ____.
file extension
An extension of .wav designates a ____ type of file.
File management capabilities available from application software include ____ files.
all of the above
The difference between the Save and the Save As commands is that ____.
all of the above
Using Microsoft Windows products, like the one in the accompanying figure, to select files and folders which are not listed consecutively, ____.
B:click on each file while holding down the Ctrl key
Using Microsoft Windows products, like the one in the accompanying figure, to select files and folders which are listed consecutively, ____.
C:click on the first and last file while holding down the Shift key
A group of sectors is called a ____.
The file system used by Mac OS is ____.
The file system used by Windows 8 is ____.
To delete data from a disk in such a way that no one can ever read it, you should ____.
B:use special file shredder software
Files stored in noncontiguous clusters are ____.
If your backups are ____, keep them in a safe place.
An easy way to back up your important data is simply by copying selected files to a ____.
C:USB flash drive
A(n) ____ disk is a bootable CD, DVD, or other media that contains a complete copy of your computer’s hard disk as it existed when the computer was new.

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