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Federalist Papers: 1, 10, 39, 51, 78, 84

1 Alexander Hamilton begins this brilliant discourse on the Constitution of the United States of America by asking his readers to consider a new Constitution because they have experienced the inefficiencies of the present form of government. 10 Madison begins perhaps the most famous of the Federalist papers by stating that one of the strongest […]

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Research Paper Vocabulary Words

Research paper A research paper/project presents the results of an investigation on a selected topic. Report a formal statement of facts about a subject. Essay a short piece of nonfiction prose that examines a single subject usually presenting the view of the writer. Opinion a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof […]

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Misery index The sum of inflation and unemployment Phillips curve The short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment Natural rate of unemployment The normal rate of unemployment toward which the economy gravitates Natural-rate hypothesis The theory that unemployment returns to its natural rate, regardless of inflation Disinflation A reduction in the rate of inflation Supply shock […]

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Good Chapter 10

Andrew Jackson’s inauguration was: a large, rowdy event. By the 1830s, the term \”citizen\” in America had become synonymous with the right to: vote. In the wake of the War of 1812, younger Republicans like Henry Clay and John Calhoun: continued to support agrarianism, but believed that the nation’s economic independence required a manufacturing sector. […]

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Practice Quiz Chapter 7

Cash consists of all of the following except: Short-term paper with a maturity of 6 months. Which of the following classifications is likely to be eliminated by the FASB? cash equivalents Short-term paper with maturities of less than 3 months should be classified as cash equivalents Non-trade receivables include all of the following except Oral […]

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EHR Final

b. Decision support Pages 73-74 Disease prevention, diagnosis and management, and the detection of adverse events are all examples of which one of the core functions that an EHR should be able to perform according to the IOM report? a. Result management b. Decision support c. Electronic communication and connectivity d. Patient support c. Computer-based […]

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Chapter 3-5: Proclamation of 1763

Proclamation of 1763 A proclamation from the British government which forbade British colonists from settling west of the Appalacian Mountains, and which required any settlers already living west of the mountains to move back east. Sugar Act British deeply in debt partl to French & Indian War. English Parliament placed a tariff on sugar, coffee, […]

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Info Ethics 2

Spam Unsolicited, bulk, commercial email that is increasing b/c: commerce finds it effective, it is 100 times less expensive than a traditional flyer sent via the U.S. mail, and there are people who respond to spam advertisements PC bangs Korean cybercafés where people play online persistent games Wiki A Web site that allows multiple people […]

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Physics Chapter 27

*its frequency* lights of different frequencies appear as different colors. Lights of of lower frequencies appearing the red part of the spectrum and move up to higher frequencies in the violet part. Color depends on what characteristic of light? its amplitude its frequency both of these *absorbed.* different materials have different natural frequencies, for absorbing […]

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Invictus – Film Essay L2

Theme? Leadership Genre? Drama Question on conflict – what are the three aspects? – Internal conflicts – External conflicts – Societal conflicts Techniques for internal conflict paragraph Dialogue and close-ups Techniques for external conflict paragraph Dialogue and two-shot Techniques for societal conflict paragraph Dialogue and mis-en-scene Question on symbolism – what are the three smybols? […]

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Chapter 17 MC

Which powers participated in the partitioning of Poland in the late eighteenth century? Prussia, Russia, and Austria The discipline of natural philosophy focused on fundamental questions about the nature, purpose, and function of the universe. The scientific revolution drew on all of the following for its origins except efforts to prevent a recurrence of the […]

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What was Congress’s purpose in passing the Lend-Lease Act?

Answer: to provide Britain with the aid it needed but could not afford

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Unlike conservation, what does preservation emphasize?

A. Carrying capacity B. Saving natural resources C. Renewing natural resources D. Managing natural resoucres Answer: B. Saving natural resources

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Survey research on attitudes towards premarital sex tells us that

Answer: the public is more accepting of premarital sex than it was a generation ago. Recource Sociology Final- Chapter 6

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Neoclassical compositions are characterized by

Answer: not misty atmosphere Recource Music App 4

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Synthroid (Levothyroxine)

Answer: monitor pulse before each dose during dosage adjustment notify MD > 100 monitor weight teach / report signs of toxicity

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In what respects did the roots of the Industrial Revolution lie within Europe? In what ways did that transformation have global roots?

Answer: 1.The roots of the Industrial Revolution lay within Europe because Europe’s political system, which was composed of many small and highly competitive states, favored innovation. 2.Globally, Europe after 1500 became the hub of the largest and most varied network of exchange in the world, which generated extensive change and innovation and stimulated European commerce. […]

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In 2012, about ________ percent of Latino Americans voted for Barack Obama.

Answer: 70 Recource Political Science 101 S.T.C. American Political Party, Vote, Candidates

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Ethical behavior at work is learned by:

Answer: Observing the actions of others. Recource BUSN101 – Chapter 4 Quiz

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