Critical Thinking Demonstration
Critical Thinking Demonstration

Critical Thinking Demonstration

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  • Published: October 6, 2021
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Albert G. is a social worker at a state-funded community mental health center in the state of Arizona. Albert provides services to a 32-year-old woman who struggles with clinical depression. The woman is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who had been physically abused by her former partner. Shortly after the relationship ended, the woman attempted suicide by swallowing a large dose of prescription drugs.

The state’s governor recently issued an executive order prohibiting state-funded agencies from providing health and social services to undocumented immigrants. According to the governor, the state faces a severe budget crisis and cannot afford to provide services to noncitizens. Albert is so concerned about his client’s well-being that he is considering counseling her “off the books,” even though it would violate the governor’s executive order.

The prevalence of social works dates back in the 19th century when it was initiated first in the UK and US after the demise of feudalism. Due to the migration of people from rural areas to urban setup, it happened that many social evils sprouted and an immediate measure had to be taken. It is out of this agencies focusing on protecting these people got in place (Birnbaum, & Lach, 2014).

Many people could not afford housing in the urban setting and through activist Jane Adamms the poor managed to build houses that met their standards in the cities. The main concerns that social works were to address include poverty, diseases, mental illness, torture, prostitution among other afflictions. According to Pew Research Center, there is there were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2014. Also, Mexicans made up 52% of all unautho


rized immigrants in 2014, though their numbers had been declining in recent years.

According to the NASW, in the many roles played by social workers, as both policy advocates and direct service providers, we impact immigrant and refugee populations and policy.  Social workers may design and coordinate community support programs for refugee families both in the U.S. and in other countries, advocate for stronger refugee resettlement services or carry out research.

In the U.S., social workers assist newly arrived refugees in roles such as resettlement caseworkers or job developers. Internationally, social workers may work with a humanitarian aid organization and coordinate psychosocial programs for children in refugee camps or work for an organization such as UNICEF or the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to affect policy and design programs.

Social workers are often stopped from effectively assisting clients due to punitive laws and policies denying access to needed resources.  Social workers should become familiar with the dynamics of migration as well as the implications of immigration policy on individuals and families in order to effectively support immigrants and refugees in the U.S. and internationally. The Refugee Council USA targets on ensuring protection of the refugees from any possible instances of rights’ violation. National immigration forum works as the advocate to immigrants through setting of the relevant policies that should guide the exercise.

Organizations such as Bridging refugee Youth and Children’s Services have a core manadate of ensuring organizations dealing with immigrant youths get to the relevant potential of meeting their goals. The priority given i

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to ensure the young people fully actualize reach their educational potential among other aspects. Finally, the Detention Watch Network seeks to address and educate organizations dealing with public policy development on the laws regarding detention as well deportation system in the US. They try to establish fair procedure that ensures all people get equal treatment through open platform of judgment.

In solving the social dilemma that has been in existence, there exists several programs initiated to combat the challenges facing the vulnerable people in the society. According to Gershoff, urtell, and Holas, (2015), in the social insurance programs, there exists social security, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance. These aspects target on addressing the challenges that face individuals due to prevalence of certain conditions. They seek to give people hope in times of joblessness, sickness, and security crisis.

In the American setting, the immigrants are facing it hard to survive due to neglect and less concern they are given. Most are the times when their issues go unaddressed leaving them to stay in hopeless condition. Access to public amenities such as employment and other issues by these people is great challenge limiting their abilities to succeed. They even lack legal documents to allow them work and conditions force them to work on the low paying jobs despite their professionalism.

According to Kimball, and Kim, (2013), the poor lack proper housing and they have resulted inhabiting low quality structures that put them to risk as their security is not guaranteed. Due to the pressure on the environmental agencies to maintain sanity, these structures have to become eradicated which is a situation that increases the perils likely to affect the vulnerable people in the society. All these issues require quick attention as a way of preventing the violation of rights for the vulnerable groups.

The NASW tries to put some order on how the vulnerable groups in the society have to accrue protection and privileges like the other groups. The key focus here is to ensure all people live in harmony and meaningful lives. The organization tries to ensure social workers manage to provide professional services to all people irrespective their social backgrounds. Through the NAWS, all people social workers are empowered through the set standards giving them the ethical procedure to follow when executing their functions.

As a professional, I should never live any patient to die if am in position to help. In this scenario, the change in law structure came to effect when the patient was still under treatment. It gives an implication that further admission of aliens was the only aspect that could be preventable (Bronstein, et al., 2015). This patient had the opportunity to enjoy my professional services and she gets well since changes took precedence while under medication. Leaving the woman succumb in mental sickness was the worst thing that could ever prevail despite the order. It is an issue that can be challenged through court process incase problems came later.

From the analysis, the changes in law structure are issues that have been affecting the society to greater magnitude. From the scenario, the human rights agencies are facing challenges when operating their

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