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Which of the following is the minimum domain functional level needed to support domain renaming?
Windows Server 2003
Which type of connectivity does DirectAccess establish between workstation and server?
Which of the following is used to allow storage providers to develop multipath solutions for their devices or optimize connectivity with the storage arrays?
Device-specific module
Which command-line tool allows you to create and display an RSoP query from the command line?
Which of the following allows you to create an active-active failover cluster where all file shares are online at the same time?
SMB 3.0
Group Policy __________ is used to simulate the effect of a policy on the user environment.
Which value represents the default size of the DNS socket pool?
Once all IPAM server setup tasks are complete, several scheduled tasks run on the IPAM server. How often does the process run that collects zone status events from DNS servers?
Every 30 minutes
Your company has started to develop several products for the military. Because of the security necessary for these products, you need to keep your environment isolated. Which of the following actions should you perform?
Create a separate forest
Which tool is used to migrate objects within or between forests?
Which of the following criteria can be used to create conditions in a DHCP policy? (Choose all that apply.)
A) User Class

B) Vendor Class

C) MAC address

D) Client identifier

Which of the following can be imported into IPAM using the IPAM console?
All of the above
Which database engine is used for the DHCP database in Windows Server 2012 R2?
Which replication model uses the central office as the main site that updates all remote sites?
A hub and spoke topology
Which of the following programs can be used to manage your sites?
Active Directory Sites and Services
Which of the following terms best describes an area of an AD DS network in which all domain controllers are well connected with fast and reliable network links?
Which of the following terms best describes the high-availability technology that establishes multiple sessions or connections to the Fibre Channel storage array by using redundant path components such as switches, adapters, and cables?
Multipath I/O
Which of the following tasks can be performed when you right-click on a DHCP-issued IP address in the IP Address Inventory section of the IPAM console? (Choose all that apply.)
B) Delete DHCP reservation

C) Delete DNS host record

D) Create DHCP reservation

Which migration path is a two-phase process in which you first upgrade an existing forest and domain and then organize the AD objects as needed?
upgrade-then-restructure migration
Network Access Protection (NAP) is Microsoft’s software for controlling network access of computers based on which of the following?
a computer’s overall health
Which type of Active Directory domain controller is recommended to minimize security risks for remediation servers?
Which of the following terms best describes the special resource record that Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP will create to track which machine originally requested a specific name in DNS?
Dynamic Host Configuration Identifier
When a user changes his or her password, to which domain controller is the password change notification sent?
The PDC Emulator
You have a reference computer on which you just installed Windows and all of the necessary applications. You then configured Windows. You are now ready to capture the system. Which of the following statements describes the next step you should take?
You need to run sysprep
Which of the following is the underlying network protocol used by iSCSI storage network?
How many Primary Domain Controller Emulators are required in a domain?
Which firewall configuration is a single-point firewall that connects the internal network and the Internet?
Bastion host
Which Active Directory object is defined as a specialized domain controller that performs certain tasks so that multi-master domain controllers can operate and synchronize properly?
Operations Masters
What is the purpose of DNS Cache Locking?
It prevents an attacker from replacing records in the resolver cache while the Time to Live (TTL) is still in force.
Which form of authentication is used by SSTP?
Digital certificates
Using File and Storage Services in Server Manager, you will create a new share. The New Share Wizard prompts you for a profile. You need a profile that provides basic NFS sharing with authentication and permissions with the least administrative effort. Which of the following should be selected?
NFS Share-Quick
Before you perform any upgrade procedure, you should perform which of the following steps?
You should back up the entire system.
By using the Active Directory-integrated zone, DNS follows which of the following types of models?
A multi-master model
Which of the following should be defined in order to conserve bandwidth between sites within a single domain?
A bridgehead server
When enabling NAP for DHCP scopes, how should you roll out the service?
for individual DHCP scopes
Which type of trust can be used to form a relationship with a UNIX Kerberos network
A realm trust
By default, the DHCP Server service in Windows Server 2012 R2 uses dynamic allocation, leasing IP addresses to clients for how many days?
6 days
How can you go about obtaining Windows PE 4.0 for usage in your organization?
Download the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 8.1
In addition to meeting operating system requirements, a DirectAccess client must be a member of which of the following?
an AD domain
The ISTG automatically assigns one server in each site as the bridgehead server unless you override this by establishing a list of __________ bridgehead servers.
To create an NFS shared folder on a cluster, you must install which of the following items on each cluster node?
All of the above
Which of the following DNS zones are replicated to all domain controllers within the forest?
forestDNS zones application partition
Which of the following is used to maximize the consistency of permissions on privileged users and groups?
Members of which IPAM security group have the ability to view information in IPAM and can perform server management tasks?
IPAM MSM Administrators
Which of the following categories will you not find in the Monitor and Manage section of the IPAM console?
DNS Zone Records
For users to receive GPO settings, they must have which two permissions to the GPO? (Choose all that apply.)
Allow Read

Allow Apply Group Policy

Which of the following networks represents the multicast network space, as defined in a default classful network? to
IPv4 addresses use an address space that is _____ bits long; IPv6 addresses use an address space that is _____ bits long.
Which of the following is a distributed file system protocol used to access files over the network that was originally created for UNIX and Linux file server clients?
Which type of key is needed with Active Directory-Based Activation?
GVLK key

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