CPIN239 — S01-03

Whereas structured analysis treats processes and data as separate components, ____ combines data and the processes that act on the data into things called objects.
Examples of company-wide applications, called ____, include order processing systems, payroll systems, and company communications networks.
enterprise applications
In a typical company organizational model, middle managers ____.
provide direction, necessary resources, and performance feedback to supervisors and team leaders
____ provides vital protection and maintenance services for system software and hardware, including enterprise computing systems, networks, transaction processing systems, and corporate IT infrastructure.
Systems support and security
____ refers to the combination of hardware, software, and services that people use to manage, communicate, and share information.
Information techonology
The ____ method of developing systems stresses team interaction and reflects a set of community-based values.
____ enabled computer-to-computer transfer of data between companies, usually over private telecommunications networks.
____ software controls the flow of data, provides data security, and manages network operations.
For complex operations, analysts apply computer-based modeling tools that use a standard language called ____.
business process modeling notation (BPMN)
Business support systems ____.
provide job-related information support to users at all levels of a company
Hardware-based security controls include ____.
none of the above
When using a ____ diagram to investigate causes of a problem, an analyst first states the problem and then draws a main bone with sub-bones that represent possible causes of the problem.
Of the measures of feasibility in the accompanying figure, ____ considers questions such as “Does management support the project?” and “Will the new system require training for users?”
operational feasibility
____ planning is the process of identifying long-term organizational goals, strategies, and resources.
Projects with very general scope definitions are at risk of expanding gradually, without specific authorization, in a process called project ____.
In the accompanying figure showing factors that affect IT systems projects, changing _________________________ is a major force affecting business and society in general.
A(n) _________________________ describes a company for its stakeholders and briefly states the company’s overall purpose, products, services, and values.
Mission Statement
The term _________________________ refers to the reasons, or justification, for a systems development proposal.
business case
_________________________ are advantages that are difficult to measure in dollars but are important to a company.
Intangible benefits
A(n) _________________________ is included in the report to management if you need to attach supporting information (e.g., the interviews you conducted, the documentation you reviewed).
In the project planning process, a(n) ____________________ is any work that has a beginning and an end and requires the use of company resources.
Over time, the distinctions between the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) and the Critical Path Method (CPM) have disappeared, and today the scheduling technique is called ____________________, as represented in the accompanying figure.
____________________ can involve dependent tasks, multiple successor tasks, and multiple predecessor tasks.
Task patterns
Instead of training a project as one large task, you break the project down into a series of smaller tasks, called a(n) ____________________.
work breakdown structure
The PERT chart called a network diagram in the accompanying figure represents a bottom-up technique, because it analyzes a large, complex project as a series of individual ____________________.
In a PERT/CPM chart, each task has which of the following ____.
start day/date
The accompanying figure shows task ____, which simplify a complex task by combining several activities.
A event is a recognizable reference point that you can use to ____.
monitor progress
The first step in the creation of a PERT/CPM chart is to ____.
identify all the project tasks
A ____ path includes all tasks that are vital to the project schedule.
When maintaining schedules, if enough ____ and frequent checkpoints exist, problems will be detected rapidly.
Electronic data interchange (EDI) enables ____ inventory systems, which rely on computer-to-computer data exchange to minimize unnecessary inventory.
A(n) ____ shows the data that flows in and out of system processes.
process model
The ____ method of developing systems produces code that is modular and reusable.
object-oriented analysis
In the ____, like that shown in the accompanying figure, the result of each phase, which is called a deliverable or end product, flows sequentially into the next phase in the SDLC.
waterfall model
GanttProject can open files created with ____.
Microsoft Project
When an information system does not meet business requirements, causes might include ____.
imprecise targets
A risk management plan includes a review of ____.
project scope
When setting priorities for systems requests, the highest priority goes to projects that provide the ____.
greatest benefit, at the lowest cost, in the shortest period of time
A(n) ____ chart can be used to display the qualitative risk analysis matrix.
Problems with timetables and project milestones can indicate ____.
personality conflicts among team members
A(n) ____ investigates, analyzes, designs, develops, installs, evaluates, and maintains a company’s information systems.
systems analyst
In the model of the SDLC shown in the accompanying figure, the purpose of the ____ is to create a physical model that will satisfy all documented requirements for the system.
systems design phase
User productivity systems ____.
include e-mail, voice mail, fax, video and Web conferencing, word processing, automated calendars, database management, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentation graphics, company intranets, and integrated mobile computing systems
Projects where management has no choice in implementing them are called ____ projects.
In the preliminary investigation report, the ____ section contains the results of the preliminary investigation, including a description of the project’s scope, constraints, and feasibility.
A project manager’s planning _____.
includes identifying project tasks and estimating completion times and costs
The Apptivo ____ is free of charge with unlimited duration.
Standard Plan
Most risk identifications include a brief description of ____.
who would be responsible for responding to a given risk
Strategic planning starts with a ____ that reflects the firm’s vision, purpose, and values..
Mission Statement
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