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The minimal allowable margin settings depend on your ??
What type of document might use a mirror margin??
What type of margin adds extra space to a top, left, or inside the margin to make room for a binding??
Which section break begins a new section on the same page??
Section breaks
Formatting marks you insert in a document to show the end of a section??
The text becomes part of the following section and assumes the formatting of that section.
When you delete a section break, what happens to the formatting of the text before the break??
To change the page orientations of one page in the document
When do you need to divide a document into sections??
Insert a continuous section break at the end of the last column on the page
How can you balance columns of unequal length on a page??
Window/Orphan control
Which setting ensures that at least two lines of a paragraph appear at the top and bottom of every page??
Insert a column break
How do you force text in a column to the top of the next column??
Force text after the break to begin on the next line
What is the function of text wrapping??
As a field
How are page numbers inserted into a document??
What tab includes options for creating a different header and footer for the first page of the document or section, and for creating different headers and footers for odd and even numbered pages??
Which tab includes options to apply a table style to a table??
Which tab continues the tools for inserting and managing footnotes and endnotes??
When you add a new citation to a document the source is only associated with the document its not available for use in other documents
Which of the following statements about citations is not true??
Source manager dialog box
Which Tab dialog box do you use to organize your sources?
Works cited list
Which of the following is a list of sources that only includes sources that are cited in your current document??

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