Comptia A+ Chapter 10 review

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For optimal performance, how much free space does Windows need on a hard drive?
15 percent
Which hard drive type contains spinning platters?
What is Pagefile.sys used for in Windows?
virtual memory
What is another name for a file allocation unit?
How often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive?
once a week
Use the ____ command to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous.
To make sure the drive is healthy, you need to search for and repair file system errors using the Windows ____ utility.
A snapshot of the system settings and configuration is called a ____.
restore point
____ creates restore points at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware.
system protection
What is the fourth partition on a hard drive called?
extended partition
Besides backing up user data or system files, you can also back up the entire volume on which Windows 7 is installed using __________.
Backup and Restore
Which partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operating system to start up?
active partition
If you enter a command and want to terminate its execution before it is finished, you can press ____ to do so.
The ____ command creates a subdirectory under a directory.
A dynamic disk requires ____ MB of storage for the disk management database.
You can use ____ to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks.
disk management
____________________ happens over time as Windows writes files, deletes files, and writes new files to your drive.
____________________ restores the system to its condition at the time a snapshot was taken of the system settings and configuration.
system restore
As you work at the command prompt, you can use ____________________ characters in a filename to say that the command applies to a group of files or to abbreviate a filename if you do not know the entire name.
. A ____________________ is a volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space.
mounted drive
Space on the disk is marked as ____________________ if it has not yet been partitioned
List the three critical Windows settings that keep the system protected from malware and hackers.
windows updates antivirus network location settings
What two items does a user profile consist of?
a user folder and subfolders NTuser.dat
What is the unused space at the end of the last cluster called?
. Discuss defragmenting as it applies to solid-state drives used in a Windows 7 system
Does not improve read/write times can reduce the life of the drive
List three ways to free up space on a Windows hard drive
uninstall software use drive or folder compression move data off the drive
Describe the purpose of Pagefile.sys.
to enhance the amount of RAM in a system
What are the steps for using Disk Management to prepare a drive for first use.
initialize the disk create a volume and format it with a file system
Discuss some cautions about software RAID.
increase the risk of catastrophic failure
What are the three status indicators that only apply to dynamic disk
offline foreign healthy(at risk)
Describe a mounted drive and why you would use one.
installed in a folder when the folder is not big enough to hold the data you want

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