Competitive and Marketing Intelligence

Market orientation involves obtaining and using ________ faster than __________ can be a competitive advantage
information, competitors
What is market orientation?
the organization-wide generation of market intelligence, dissemination of that intelligence among departments, and organization-wide responsiveness to it
Companies need information about their:
customers’ needs, marketing environment, and competition
Marketing managers do not need more information, they need _______ information that provides insights that are useful for _______________.
better, decision-making
What is marketing intelligence?
The systematic collection and analysis of publicly available information about competitors and developments in the marketing environment that helps managers prepare and adjust their plans and stategies
True or False? Marketing intelligence is collected on a regular basis.
12 Marketing Intelligence methods:
1. published materials and public documents
2. competitors’ employees
3. competitors’ products (reverse engineering)
4. Competitors’ garbage
5. planting spies on plant tours
6. trade shows
7. yellow pages
8. information inside the company
9. suppliers (packaging material)
10. internet
11. Freedom of Information Act (sample letter)
12. Buy it
trade shows
exposition trade shows and fair directories
yellow pages
locate suppliers/distributors, determine # of competitors in market
information inside the company
previously published reports, consumer complaints, sales force, warranty info
ProductScan Online
leverages the power of the internet to provide subscribers with access to a huge database featuring intelligence related to NEW consumer packaged goods
Scanning levels for Constituents of Environment
corporate, business unit, product/market
Key intelligence websites:
society of competitive intelligence professionals (,,,

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