Compare and Contrast on Football and Basketball Essay

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Two American Pastimes
Football and basketball have always been popular pastimes for individuals wanting to relax and pass the time with family or with friends.

Although at first glance these two sports seem to be polar opposites in every way imaginable, that is not necessarily the case. Football and basketball both have a very similar formation and composition, and this includes the need of a head coach, who directs the offense and defense. At the end of the game, when everything is on the line, the head coach has the final say in the play chosen for the offense or defense to run. The head coach is a vital part of both sports, and without them the team would have no direction. One of the coach’s main objectives is to lead his/her team to a championship, and to be able to hold their respective trophy high in the air. Another of the coach’s goals is to score the most points possible, and the more points scored equals a better chance of winning the game where the points were scored.

While trying to score as many points as they can, the team also has to defend the other team from scoring in both sports. The lower the amount of points allowed, the better the chances are of winning that game. Whether it is defense, offense, or the head coach, none of these factors would work together without teamwork. Teamwork is a vital part of both football and basketball as it allows players to create “chemistry” with one another and helps them bond as a unit.

Although there are similarities between football and basketball, there are many more differences as you will see.
The differences between football and basketball are plentiful and are for a variety of reasons. One big difference between the sports would be the shape of the ball used in the respective sport. The basketball is a thirty-inch sphere with indented sides, and it was created with the purpose of easy handling and bouncing ability in mind. While the football, on the other hand, was manufactured to be more..


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