Closing Sales Techniques

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Close on Appointments
Use to get in-person appointments over the phone.: Would you like to see a system that would enable you to increase your sales by 20 to 30 percent over the next 12 months?”
Trial close
Use for products with lots or features or applications. : After presenting each part of your product, ask, “What do you think of this so far?” giving you a clear picture of what the prospect wants.
Approach Close
Use immediately at the beginning of the presentation: “All I’m going to do is show you some of the reasons why people have bought this product in the past and why they continue to buy. All I ask is that you look at the reasons why others have bought it, and judge for yourself.”
Just Suppose Close
Use with high-priced products or services : “And yet we sell thousands of these every year to very intelligent people like yourself. Do you want to know why?”
Demonstration Close
Use at the beginning of the presentation => If I can show you the very best [investment] you’ve ever seen, are you in a position to put $5,000 into it right now?
Ben Franklin Close
Use when a decision rests on a variety of different factors => Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. Have the prospect restate and write all the good reasons for buying your product on left, then cons on right.
Order Sheet Close
Use at beginning => Write everything the prospect says about the product on an order form and explain, “I have a terrible memory for detail, so I like to write everything down. And if you don’t buy anything today, we’ll just throw it away. Okay?
Power of Suggestion Close
Use to get a prospect excited about your product or service => Talk as if the prospect already made the decision to buy: You’re really going to enjoy the way this car handles on the road.
Hot Button Close
Use for products with more than one feature or application => Ask enough good questions to discover the hot button – the key benefit that the prospect wants more than anything else – and then push it over and over.
Summary Close
At end of presentation => Summarize everything that you discussed, then ask, “Can you think of anything else?” If prospect answers, “No,” simply ask for the sale.
Secondary Close
Use it to close on a minor point => By the way, will you want the car with the Bluetooth stereo or satellite radio?
Invitational Close
Use to simply invite the prospect to make a buying decision => Why don’t you give it a try?” suggests that making the buying decision is no big deal and doesn’t put pressure of making a decision.
Doorknob Close
Use when you’ve almost lost the sale => I know that you’re not going to buy anything today, but I wonder if you could help me with my sales presentation. Could you tell me what was the real reason that you didn’t buy today?
Puppy Dog Close
Use with products people can try for a time period => Give your prospect an opportunity to touch, taste, feel, smell, or use the product as much as possible.
Sudden Death Close
Use tension when prospect repeatedly won’t make a decision => Fill out the entire sales contract with all details the way you’ve discussed except for the signature, put your pen on top of it, slide it across the desk, and say, “If you’ll just authorize this, we can get started right away.”
Instant Reverse Close
Use in any situation => That’s exactly why I’m calling. Most of our best customers were not interested when we first contacted them. Now they recommend us to their friends.”
Sharp Angle Close
Use when the prospect brings up smoke screen objections => If the prospect hesitates on the monthly payment, say, “If we could spread the payments over a longer period and get them down, would you take it?”
Alternative Close
Use in any situation => Offer a prospect the choice between alternative preferences: “Which car do you prefer? The 2-door or the 4-door?”
Change Places Close
Use when you can’t find the prospect’s key objection. => “Imagine if you were showing somebody that you really respected a product or a service that was really good for them. What would you say if they aren’t telling you why they wouldn’t make a decision, one way or another?”
Take Away Close
You’re in luck. There’s only one left and I reserved it for you.
Relevant Story Close
Use mid-to late-presentation => Use a relevant story about another customer when the prospect is having difficulty making a decision.
Assumption Close
Use when the prospect is close to a decision => “How would you like to make payment?” “Where would you want this delivered?” or “How soon do you need it?”
Referral Close
Use at the end of your meeting => “I know you’re not in a position to make a decision today. But could you give me the names of two or three people who may be able to take advantage of this offer?”

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