CIS 2050 Final Exam

_____ communicate(s) via radio waves using radio antennas placed within adjacent geographic areas.
Cell phones
Which of the following is a true statement about the impact of social computing on a business?
A small minority of individuals contribute the majority of feedback and can provide skewed data
_____, with the shortest range of any wireless network, is designed to be used with contactless credit cards.
Near-field communications
Which type of electronic commerce is the largest by volume?
The comments of consumers in the blogosphere concerning a company’s products are called ____________________.
Consumer-generated media
Although rogue access devices can be installed innocently, they can also be installed by an attacker trying to gain unauthorized access to a wireless network. In such cases, these devices are called an _____.
Evil twin
Which type of social network allows users to edit and contribute content posted to a particular site?
Which of the following tools are not used by marketing professionals to compile market research?
____ contain a chip that can store information and be used for several purposes.
Smart cards
_____ offer(s) consumers incentives to accept advertising and e-mail voluntarily.
Permission marketing
In which of the following business models do businesses request quotes from suppliers and use B2B with a reverse auction mechanism?
electronic tendering system
The monitoring, collection, and analysis of socially generated data, and the resultant strategic decisions are combined in a process known as_________.
social intelligence
Refer to IT’s About Business 8.1 – Big Wheel Mobile Truck & Square: Products like Square offer small independent businesses the following advantages over the traditional credit card systems:
Square doesn’t charge merchants a fee for each transaction, Square doesn’t require expensive equipment, Square can run on most mobile devices that the merchant already has, and Square can be easily customized and updated
In ____ e-commerce, an organization provides information and services to its workers
_____, which is a broader concept than _____, is the buying and selling of goods and services, as well as servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and performing transactions within an organization.
Electronic business, electronic commerce
Using social computing tools to do market research
Can foster closer customer relationships
Conversational marketing can take place in which of the following forums?
Blogs, Wikis, Online forums, and social networking sites
The most common wireless technology for TV and DVD remote control devices is ____.
_____ refers to online word-of-mouth marketing
Viral marketing
HR departments use social computing applications to assist them in which of the following activities:
Recruiting, training, regrouping teams, and managing downsizing
In the _____ marketplace model, organizations attempt to sell their products or services to other organizations electronically.
If you buy a hot dog at a concession stand using your contactless credit card, you are using a ____.
wireless electronic payment system
Which of the following is true about the impact of social computing on customer service?
customers themselves can be used to reduce problems
Which of the following is the most appropriate wireless networking standard for creating personal area networks?
A ____ is automatically launched by some trigger and appears behind the active window.
pop-under ad
Which of the following can be used for reading utility meters without a person having to get out of a truck?
Networks track users via which technologies:
GPS, cell towers, and wi-fi networks
Individuals are finding it convenient and productive to use wireless devices for which of the following reasons?
To make use of time that was formerly wasted, to become more efficient, work locations are more flexible, and to be able to allocate working time around personal and professional obligations
The degree of digitization relates to the following
The product or service sold, the process by which the product is produced, and the delivery agent or intermediary
Which of the following is an advantage of social commerce over traditional e-commerce?
The ability to predict buying habits based on real-time data
In _______ e-commerce, the sellers and buyers are organizations.
LinkedIn is a _______________________ social networking site that makes money from advertising and services.
In the _____ marketplace model, EC technology is used to streamline the purchasing process in order to reduce the cost of items purchased, the administrative cost of procurement, and the purchasing cycle time.
Which of the following statements concerning blogging are true?
Tweets are replacing blogging, blogging can be used in marketing, a company can maintain an internal blog site, and anyone can blog
_____ networks collect data from many points over an extended space.
wireless sensor
_____ refer(s) to the wireless communication of location-based information and control messages to and from vehicles and other mobile assets.
In _____ auctions, there is one buyer who wants to buy a product. Suppliers submit bids, and the lowest bid wins.
Which of the following is inhibiting faster Wi-Fi expansion?
Wi-fi services may not survive in the face of free hotspot access, unless the service is free users have to log on to separate accounts for each hotspot, a lack of security, and users cannot roam from hotspot to hotspot if the hotspots use different wi-fi network services
_____ refers to efforts by unauthorized users to access data traveling over wireless networks.
_____ is a satellite-based tracking system that enables users to determine a person’s position.
Global positioning system
The development of mobile commerce is driven by all of the following factors:
The cell phone culture, the widespread availability of mobile devices, bandwidth improvement, and it eliminates the need for a pc
____ refers to the practice of registering or using domain names for the purpose of profiting from the goodwill or trademark belonging to someone else.
_____ are a payment mechanism that are similar to regular bank checks but are transmitted electronically, with a signature in digital form.
electronic checks
Which of the following is an electronic commerce application?
Buying stocks, home banking, conducting an auction, and buying real estate
A Web site that combines content from other Web sites to form new content is called a(n) ______.
______ are a form of e-cash that enable you to store a fixed amount of prepaid money and then spend it as necessary.
stored-value money cards
_____ networks use multiple Wi-Fi access points to create a wide area network.
____ enable two individuals to transfer funds without using a credit card.
person-to-person payments
Unfortunately, many managers consider smart phones as only _____, rather than as _____ that can transmit wirelessly.
phones, digital cameras
What would be the best use of RFID in a business?
supply chain management
_______ e-commerce is also known as e-tailing.
The main problem with radio transmission is which of the following?
when you travel too far from the source, the signal fades
You just started to work on a project with three other people. You realize that everyone has their own notes, which makes it hard for you to keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done. Which of the following applications would you suggest the team use?
Building relationships, anticipating needs, and providing special deals for the community’s members is a function of which category of Web 2.0 applications?
social commerce
Which of the following is an effect that E-commerce has had on organizations?
E-commerce makes it easy to reach customers around the world, e-commerce enables smaller businesses to operate in areas dominated by larger companies, e-commerce removes many barriers for start-up businesses, and e-commerce increases the number of potential customers to whom the company can market its products
The greatest problem with GEO satellites is which of the following?
propagation delay
The capabilities of smart phones include all of the following except _________.
corporate transaction processing
The key mechanisms of the _____ marketplace model are forward auctions and electronic catalogs that can be customized for each large buyer.
Social marketplaces act as online ______________ that harness the power of social networks for introducing, buying, and selling products and services.
The act of locating wireless local area networks while moving around a city is called ____.
war driving
_____ use credit card numbers, transmitted electronically over the Internet, to pay for goods and services. They are either unencrypted or encrypted, with coded data readable by an intermediary between the buyer’s and seller’s banks.
electronic credit cards
Which of the following is true about social commerce?
businesses can easily learn about customers’ experiences
Which of the following is a problem that e-commerce can cause for the airline industry?
mistakes in fares
In the _____ B2B application, the orders of many buyers are aggregated so that they comprise a large volume, in order to merit more seller attention.
group purchasing
Which of the following is an example of social commerce?
Disney allows people to book tickets on Facebook without leaving the site, Zappo’s uses Twitter to send customers coupons when they mention a Zappo’s product, Pepsi Co. sends live notifications to customers when they are close to a store that sells their products, and Wendy offers gift cards to online users for funniest response to various challenges
With regard to mobile computing, _____ means that it is easy and fast to access the Web and other mobile devices.
convenience and instant connectivity
Today, most wireless local area networks use the _____ standard, which can transmit up to 54 Mbps and has a range of about 300 feet.
Which of the following is a risk of social computing?
consumer-generated content is not edited or filtered
Which of the following is a customer touch point?
Telephone contact, e-mail, Web sites, and customer visits to a store
Returned products, recycled products, and disposal of materials or products are called:
reverse flows
Over time, the customer relationship with vendors has become more impersonal for all of the following reasons:
consumers became mobile, the internet grew rapidly, supermarkets and department stores proliferated, and people move from farm to cities
_____ systems support the front-office business processes which directly interact with customers.
operational crm
A company’s organization and processes for distributing and delivering products to its final customers is the:
downstream portion of the supply chain
The sales, marketing, and service functions are part of:
operational crm
Which of the following are limitations of EDI?
it is difficult to make quick changes, business processes may have to be restructured, multiple EDI standards exist, and it is inflexible
A check-in kiosk at the airport would be what type of CRM application?
customer touching
_____ systems study customer behavior and perceptions to provide business intelligence.
analytical crm
You are in the market for a small economy car. The salesperson has you drive the economy car, and then hands you the keys to a mid-size car of the same brand for you to drive. The salesperson is engaged in:
Which of the following is a social networking site?
LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr
A business that wants to create a forum allowing employees to interact with coworkers would benefit from utilizing__________.
enterprise social networks
With Web 1.0 sites, users _________________, whereas with Web 2.0 sites, users _________________.
passively receive information, participate with the site
Many companies are using ________ to capture updated product features and specifications.
Which of the following is an example of social shopping?
shopping communities and clubs, group shopping, peer-to-peer, and social marketplaces
The _____ standard can transmit up to 75 Mbps and has a range of 31 miles.
_____ is a wireless standard that enables temporary, short-range connection between mobile devices.
The area of the earth reached by a satellite’s transmission is referred to as its _____.
Which of the following is a mobile application in financial services?
wireless wallets, micropayments, mobile banking, and wireless electronic payment systems
Which of the following is an advantage of radio?
radio waves propagate easily through office walls, radio devices are easy to install, no metallic wires are needed, and radio devices are inexpensive
If you are a worker managing your fringe benefits over your company’s intranet, you are engaging in _________ e-commerce.
Internet advertising improves on traditional advertising in all of the following ways:
internet ads are current, internet ads can reach large numbers of potential buyers all over the world, internet ads can be updated at any time at minimal cost, and internet ads can make effective use of multimedia
eBay uses a _____ auction.
Which of the following enables users to send data across sometimes unreliable networks?
Consider this domain name, The “gsu” is the __________.
name of the organization
____ portals coordinate content within relatively narrow organizational and partners’ communities.
_____ refers to the range of frequencies available in any communications channel.
When data are normalized, attributes in the table depend only on the _____.
primary key
_____ are Internet access points that are located in public places, such as libraries and airports.
internet kiosks
_____ are software programs that hide in other computer programs and reveal their designed behavior only when they are activated.
trojan horses
Many organizations have implemented corporate portals for which of the following reasons?
to cut costs, to free up time for busy managers, to improve profitability, and to offer customers self-service opportunities
_____ is a formal approach to managing data consistently across an entire organization.
data governance
Which of the following statements concerning the difficulties in protecting information resources is correct?
employees typically do not follow security procedures when the procedures are inconvenient, computing resources are typically decentralized, computer networks can be located outside the organization, and computer crimes often remain undetected for a long period of time
The part of a network that handles the major traffic is the ________.
Traditional data formats change ______ while big data formats change _______.
slowly, rapidly
Not including alphabetic characters in a Social Security Number field is an example of _____ .
data integrity
In a database, the primary key field is used to _____.
uniquely identify a record
In a _____ attack, a coordinated stream of requests is launched against a target system from many compromised computers at the same time.
distributed denial-of-service
The most overlooked people in information security are:
janitors and guards
Which of the following statements concerning firewalls is true?
firewalls examine every message that enters or leaves an organization’s network, firewalls are sometimes located inside an organization’s private network, firewalls filter network traffic according to categories of activities that are likely to cause problems, and firewalls prevent unauthorized internet users from accessing private networks
Which of the following statements is false?
It is easy to assess the value of a hypothetical attack
_____ is a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form.
Applications offered by the Internet2 include which of the following?
remote diagnosis, digital libraries, distance education, and virtual laboratories
The data in a data warehouse have which of the following characteristics?
they are organized by subject
Place the following members of the data hierarchy in their correct order:
_____ controls are concerned with user identification, and they restrict unauthorized individuals from using information resources.
A database management system is primarily a(n) _____.
interface between applications and a database
_____ tell the database management system which records are joined with others in related tables.
primary keys
Bob is using public key encryption to send a message to Ted. Bob encrypts the message with Ted’s _____ key, and Ted decrypts the message using his _____ key.
public, private
In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for:
Disassembling and reassembling of packets during transmission.
Which of the following is a characteristic of twisted-pair wire?
Inexpensive, easy to work with, and subject to interference from other electrical sources
The cost of a stolen laptop includes all of the following:
loss of intellectual property, loss of productivity, replacement cost, and loss of data
In the data hierarchy, the smallest element is the _____.
An information system’s _____ is the possibility that the system will be harmed by a threat.
Data dictionaries provide which of the following advantages to the organization?
they reduce data inconsistency, they enable faster program development, and they make it easier to modify data and information
Tacit knowledge has which of the following characteristics?
_____ portals offer content for diverse communities and are intended for broad audiences.
A(n) _____ is a network designed to serve the internal informational needs of a single organization.
In a university’s relational database, the student record contains information regarding the student’s last name. The last name is a(n):
When companies attempt to counter _____ by requiring users to accurately select characters in turn from a series of boxes, attackers respond by using _____.
keyloggers, screen scrapers
Networks enable which of the following applications?
discovery, communications, collaboration, and web services
Which of the following is not a characteristic of strong passwords?
they tend to be short so they are easy to remember
_____ occurs when various copies of the data agree.
data consistency
A pharmaceutical company’s research and development plan for a new class of drugs would be best described as which of the following?
a trade secret
With _____, every call opens up a dedicated circuit for the duration of the call
plain old telephone service
Unintentional threats to information systems include all of the following:
tailgating, tornados, power outage, and lack of user experience
Which of the following are advantages of computer networks?
they enable organizations to be more flexible, they enable companies to share hardware computer applications and data, they enable geographically dispersed employees to work together, and they provide a critical link between businesses and their customers
A _____ attack uses deception to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information by masquerading as an official e-mail.
A standardized language used to manipulate data is _____.
structured query language
_____ occurs when the same data are stored in many places.
data redundancy
_____ are fields in a record that have some identifying information but typically do not identify the record with complete accuracy.
secondary keys
Portals are an example of which network application?
A _____ is any danger to which an information resource may be exposed.
A(n) _____ connects parts of the intranets of different organizations and allows secure communications among business partners.
Consider this domain name, The “edu” is the _______.
top-level domain
Which of the following is not an example of a weak password?
_____ occurs when applications cannot access data associated with other applications.
data isolation
A _____ connects dissimilar networks.
Which data transmission technology requires fiber-optic cable, can transmit up to 2.5 gigabits per second, and is more expensive than DSL?
asynchronous transfer mode
Which transmission technology is an interface standard for transporting digital signals over fiber-optic lines that enables the integration of transmissions from multiple vendors?
synchronous optical network
In the relational database model, related tables can be joined when they contain common _____.
With _____, phone calls are treated as just another kind of data.
voice over IP
_____ is a process that helps organizations identify, select, organize, disseminate, transfer, and apply expertise that are part of the organization’s memory and typically reside inside the organization in an unstructured manner.
knowledge management
In _____, the organization takes concrete actions against risks.
risk mitigation
Refer to Opening Case – The Network Neutrality Wars: Which of the following is not a challenge for achieving net neutrality?
telecommunications and cable companies are in favor of net neutrality
Employees in which functional areas of the organization pose particularly grave threats to information security?
human resources and management information systems
Which of the following statements concerning the difficulties in protecting information resources is not correct?
rapid technological changes ensure that controls are effective for years
All of the following statements concerning wide-area networks are true except:
they are provided by individual companies
_____ can be exercised to solve a problem, whereas _____ may or may not be able to be exercised to solve a problem
knowledge, information
The process of moving data from various sources into the data warehouse is called:
extracting, transforming, and loading
A _____ is a logical grouping of related fields.
A(n) _____ connects two or more devices in a limited geographical area.
local area network
Which of the following is not a source for external data?
corporate databases
Refer to IT’s About Business 6.3: Marriott’s Corporate Portal: Marriott’s BrandWorks portal has the following features
video conferencing
_____ is the process in which an organization assesses the value of each asset being protected, estimates the probability that it will be compromised, and compares the probable costs of an attack with the costs of protecting the asset.
risk analysis
Which of the following is not a strategy for mitigating the risk of threats against information?
Continue operating with no controls and absorb any damages that occur, transfer the risk by purchasing insurance, implement controls that minimize the impact of the threat, and install controls that block the risk.
In a process called _____, a company allows nothing to run unless it is approved, whereas in a process called _____, the company allows everything to run unless it is not approved.
whitelisting, blacklisting
Which of the following is a reason why managing data is difficult over time?
New systems are developed, the media the data are stored on becomes problematic, new sources of data are created, and the amount of data increases exponentially.
The components of a local area network include which of the following?
File server, client computers, wireline or wireless communications media, and network interface cards
Which of the following factors is not increasing the threats to information security?
limited storage capacity on portable devices
Which of the following is not a component of a local area network?
Which of the following is(are) designed to use your computer as a launch pad for sending unsolicited e-mail to other computers?
A _____ allows a device to physically connect to a local area network’s communications medium.
network interface card
_____ signals convey information in wave form, whereas _____ signals convey information in binary form.
analog, digital
In order to ensure that computers developed by different manufacturers can communicate, _____ have been developed.
Which of the following statements concerning packet switching is not true?
packets require dedicated circuits
Skype is an example of _______.
voice over IP
_____ portals support communities such as hobby groups or political parties.
BitTorrent uses a process called _____, which eliminates file-sharing bottlenecks by having everyone share little pieces of a file at the same time.
The data in a data warehouse:
are not updated
In a relational database, every row represents a _____.
An attribute is any characteristic or quality describing a particular entity.
An entity is a person, place, thing, or event about which information is maintained.
At ASU, students can take more than one class, and each class can have more than one student. This is an example of what kind of relationship?
As an individual student in your university’s student database, you are a(n) _____ of the STUDENT class.
A(n) _____ is a logical grouping of characters into a word, a small group of words, or a complete number.
A negative value for a student’s grade point average is an example of a data integrity problem.
Access controls involve _____ before _____.
authentication, authorization
Dumpster diving is:
typically committed for the purpose of identity theft
_____ are segments of computer code embedded within an organization’s existing computer program that activate and perform a destructive action at a certain time or date.
logic bombs
A _____ is a document that grants the holder exclusive rights on an invention for 20 years.
The computing skills necessary to be a hacker are decreasing for which of the following reasons?
computer attack programs, called scripts, are available for download from the Internet
Organizations use hot sites, warm sites, and cold sites to insure business continuity. Which of the following statements is not true?
a hot site needs to be located close to the organization’s office

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