Christianity, Commerce and Civilization
Christianity, Commerce and Civilization

Christianity, Commerce and Civilization

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  • Published: October 3, 2021
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The African Americans or ‘Negroes’ as they were popularly identified faced massive problems in the American society where they were defined by the color of their skin rather than but the substance of their actions. The journey to America was a long and hard journey where the Africans were exposed to many horrors as they were shipped to a country far away in the promise of a better life in the US.

The people who shipped the Americans were adamant that they had taken them away from war torn areas and clashes therefore, a slave in the US was better placed than an African in their own difference. The African Americans were therefore, sold to their American masters and were identified as second class citizens in a foreign country. It was developed more in the US when the African descendants became relegated to second class citizens and the Whites as well as the African Americans believed that they were not in the same bearing as other people in the country.

The difference in opinion and substance was significant in the society mainly due to the three aspects that were prioritized that is Christianity, Commerce and Civilization in the society. These were the underlying elements that were particularly essential in the American society and were critical in identifying the different models that were essential to the society.

Dubois uses the double consciousness as the main principle that embodied and can be used to define these acts in the American society as every member of the society was looking to find their place. This paper aims at as


sessing the different concepts and creating a deeper understanding of the role of each concept in the American society at the time.

Christianity was one of the concepts in the American society that was essential in identifying the specific principles and models that were used to lure people into accepting their position in the society. Many African communities in Africa had their own beliefs and gods that represented their traditions and aspects that were passed on for generations (Tomek, 2013).

However, once the Europeans and White settlers started entering the continent Christianity was one of the main methods that they used to get to the people. Religion is a powerful tool since it calls to a divine power that cannot be questioned. The American society also used the same principle where the Christian teachings were used to ensure that people did not question their position in the society and lived according to their class that they had all accepted.

The Whites were the dominant force and had established themselves as the source of power that they attained through buying the slaves. Christianity was used as the premise to ensure that the African Americans were not engaging in activities that would lead to a revolt and a rising for the people to call for action and a need for their rights. It was essential for the society to maintain the status quo and Christianity teachings ensured that the African Americans accepted their position in the society without any form of dissent or a call to action by the society.

The churches played

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major role in giving the Whites a chance to dominate the society through their models and approaches that were significant in the processes determined accordingly (Tomek, 2013). The church was built on principles of good and upholding moral standards as was evident when Martin Luther King Jr was jailed in Birmingham and the church was the first to condemn his actions. The society was controlled through Christian principle that shackled the Africa Americans in pursuing political ideologies and agendas that significantly impacted the society accordingly.

Commerce was also a major aspect of the society that was identified as a major reason towards the repatriation movement of African descendants in the Americas. As the Americas were engaging in commerce, they were all looking towards ensuring that the societal structure was built upon business relations and models with the larger society (Alexander, 2011). Commerce was a major component in creating and developing the process of repatriation since most of the White people were engaged in business that upheld the position of African Americans in the society.

The people were offered a chance to ensure that they developed and created a working process that was essential for the social structure and maintenance of the status quo. The American society was a capitalist environment as was noted by Du Bois who deemed the models adopted under this system imparted the society massively. The capitalist society was divided into the owners of capital and the bourgeois who were the workers and did not have a lot of resources.

The owners of capital in this case were the White people and as a result maintained their level of status quo. The people influenced the government and decisions that were met by individuals in the society as they looked to develop individual traits for the country. The owners of capital controlled all the major decisions and were equivocal in developing significant features for people within the society accordingly.

The African Americans did not have an opportunity to overturn the tables and take the better positions within the government and were therefore, detrimentally affected by their position within the society. Civilization was also a major component that led to repartition in the country as the more civilized societies were at an advantage over the others. Commerce built a society where there were different classes of people who were split across the different income levels by each member of the community (Alexander, 2011).

It was therefore, significant to establish a working process that met individual roles and processes within the society and as an important process towards creation of a civilized society. Education was an object that was for the elite in the society who composed mainly of the Whites. The white people had the means and resources to ensure that they engaged with the different societal models and aimed at improving their status accordingly.

The civilized society was primarily developed and was positioned perfectly to take advantage of various aspects and models in the societal structure. Depending on the tools and approaches that were created, it was imperative for the society to embark on a more equitable process since their system only meant that individuals

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