CHM 101- EXAM #3

An equilibrium in which all the components are gases is a _________ equilibrium.
increase the number of successful reactant collisions
In a catalyzed chemical reaction, one function of a catalyst is to
an acid
According to the Arrhenius concept, if HNO3 were dissolved in water, it would act as
An acid and base react to form a salt and water in a(n) ___________ reaction.
weak electrolyte
In water, a substance that partially ionizes in a solution is called a
Which of the following is the strongest acid?
A reaction that can proceed in either the forward or the reverse direction as written is called a ___________ reaction.
Identify the Bronted-Lowry acid in the following reaction

H20 + CO3^2- -> HCO3- + OH-

decreasing the rate of reactions affecting the food
Refrigerating perishable foods affects biochemical reactions by
solvent; lower solvent
In the process known as osmosis, __________ moves through a semipermeable membrane into an area of _____________ concntration.
has a slippery, soapy feel
Which one of the following is characteristic of a base?
increases the solubility of a solid solute in the solution
An increase in temperature of a solution usually
the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction
A chemical reaction has reached equilibrium when
When a piece of magnesium metal is added to hydrochloric acid, what gas is produced?
The process by which a semipermeable membrane allows water molecules, small molecules, and ions to pass through while retaining large particles is called _________.
In bases, [OH-] is greater than [H3O+]
Which of the following statements correctly describes the hydronium-hydroxide balance in the given solution?
increasing the concentrations of the reactants
In any chemical reaction, the rate of the reaction can be increased by
the amount of product formed in a unit of time.
The rate of any chemical reaction can be determined by observing
In an exothermic reaction, heat can be considered a ________.
increases as the gas pressure above the liquid increases
According to Henry’s Law, the solubility of a gas in a liquid
the amount of solute does not change
During the process of diluting a solution to a lower concentration,
can be a solid liquid, or gas
In a solution, the solvent
A solution prepared by dissolving 2g of KCL in 100g of H2O. In this solution, H2O is the
When some of the sugar added to iced tea remains undissolved at the bottom of the glass, the solution is
a base is a proton acceptor
According to the Bronsted-Lowry definition
a colloid
A homogeneous mixture that does not settle out upon standing is
a substance that speeds up a reaction without being consumed in the reaction
A catalyst is
The stronger the acid, the ________ the conjugate base.
strong electrolyte
In water, a substance that ionizes completely in the solution is called a
the amount of ion that carries 1 mole of electrical charge
An equivalent is
a base
According to the Arrhenius concept, if NaOH were dissolved in water, it would act as
T/F: The rate of a chemical reaction depends on temperature
An equilibrium constant with a value greater than 1 means the reaction favors the
An equilibrium constant Kc= 1 x 10^-3 for a reaction indicates that the reaction favors product formation.
A mixture in which one component settles is called a(n) ___________.


Identify the conjugate acid-base pairs in the following reaction.

HCl + NH3 -> NH4+ + Cl-

T/F: A catalyst lowers the activation energy of a chemical reaction.
The number of moles of a compound dissolved in one liter of a solution is called the
The rate of a chemical reaction is not affected by the concentration of reactants.
A substance that carries an electric current when dissolved in water is called a(n) ___________.
Write the proper Ka expression for the ionization of acetic acid, HC2H3O2.
A glass of river water will separate out into two layers after sitting for a length of time. This is an example of a(n) ____________.
The gas responsible for acid rain is ________.
Normal blood has a pH of _______.
Lung disease blocking gas diffusion like emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia cause levels of _________ to increase and the pH to ________. An infusion of _________ will help stabilize the patient. This condition is known as __________.
Hyperventilation can cause the levels of _____ to _____ and thus a _____ in pH. This can be stabilized in a patient by having them __________. This is known as ________.
Whose principle helps predict the shift in chemical equilibrium?
What effect can be used to distinguish solution from colloid or suspension?
;decreased; titration
A measured volume of _________ molarity of acid is added to a flask with a few dros of indicator. A buret is filled with a _________ molarity of base. The base is slowly dripped into the acid until the indicator changes color. The volume of the base is measured and from this data the molarity of the acid is determined. This process is known as acid-base __________.
In patients with emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis can likely have __________ levels of CO2. This can cause the pH to __________. The treatment is an infusion of ____________. This condition is known as _____________.
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