Chapter Two (The Marketing Research Industry)

Client-Side Research
research that is conducted within an organization
Do-it-yourself (DIY) research
refers to firms conducting their own marketing research

is considered one of the most important emerging trends for client-side marketing research departments

Do it yourself research is also called
the “democratization” of marketing research
Firms in the research industry can be classified into two main categories:
1. Full service
2. Limited Service
Full Service Supplier firms
have the capability to conduct the entire marketing research project for buyer firms
Limited Service Supplier Firms
specialize in one or, at most, a few marketing research activities.
Limited Service Supplier Firms can specialize in marketing research services such as:
1. Online communities
2. questionnaire development and pretesting
3. data collection
4. Data analysis
“Selling under the guise of research”
is illegal
Telemarketers used sugging for years to entice the public into taking what they thought was an opinion survey but actually was a lead-in for a sales pitch
“fund raising under the guise of research” is unethical but not yet illegal

Though not illegal, the industry has fought the use of enticing unknowing consumers into taking a survey when the real intent is to raise funds.

Supply Side Research
research that is conducted by an outside firm hired to fulfill a companies marketing research needs. A supplier firm may be referred to as an agency or simply as a supplier

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