chapter five quiz

Individual choices shaped by childhood gender socialization and employer bias result in the ____________ of women and men into particular occupations.

Gender identity does not match their assigned sex.

Andi’s sex chromosomes do not match her sexual anatomy. Her condition is known as

Turning sex categories into gender identities through personal interactions.
doing gender

For as long as she can remember, Nilay has liked to play with dolls while her brother prefers trucks and tools. These were the toys they were given by their parents and their books contained illustrations of these same preferences. This is an example of
gender socialization

Is a life-long process by which people learn to act and think, in light of what they believe others expect of them.

Shawn was born with ambiguous genitalia and XX chromosomes. This is a condition known as __________, and as a result Shawn’s parents decided to label her female and raise her as a girl.

According to the text, when did progress toward gender integration of fields of study stall?

The occupation with the highest percentage of men is __________, while the occupation with the highest percentage of women is __________.
electricians; pre-K and K teachers

According to research, males and females are ________ alike than _______.
more, different

When individuals internalize elements of the social structure and make those elements part of their personalities, they have experienced the results of

Research finds that religious Americans are more likely than nonreligious people to believe ___________ families are the best.

Andre and Latisha have a son and daughter. Their son is expected to mow the lawn, take out the garbage, and wash the cars. Their daughter is expected to cook meals, vacuum, and pull weeds in the garden. This is an example of:
gender socialization

Males are _____ likely to die at every age.

If a society does not educate its girls in the same way it educates its boys, we would not expect to see many women leaders. This is an example of the influence of __________ on sex or gender differences, not men’s __________.
social practice, innate leadership

Lana had wanted to be a physician for as long as she could remember. When she graduated from high school she changed her mind and decided to become a nurse because she wants to have children and a family. Her decision was likely shaped by (2) __________
gender expectations of family life and gender socialization

pair of terms refer to social gender
man and male

The norm of taller husbands and shorter wives, breast augmentation for women and encouraging men to be physical laborers are ways we engage in ______ _________ that exaggerate or emphasize small physical differences between females and males
social practices

Most people who have cosmetic surgery choose procedures that enhance the ___________________________.
difference between the sexes.

When Anna was pregnant the ultrasound showed a female baby so she and her family and friends bought pink clothes, dolls, and other feminine items. They all assumed the baby’s __________ based on the __________.
gender, sex

Recently, some governments have begun to legally recognize that there are _____ _____ __ possible genders.
more than 2.

Pair of terms that refer to biological sex.
male and female

Jos was born female and was raised as a girl, but identifies as a man. His __________ does not match his assigned sex and is described as __________.
gender identity, transgender

The association of the color pink with girls and blue with boys is a relatively ____ gender rule

In occupations that require similar levels of job training, education, and risk, those dominated by men tend to have __________ wages and __________ status than those dominated by women.
higher, higher

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