Chapter 6 (pp)

Research on psychosocial stages demonstrated
a relationship between happiness and successful development in the first six stages.

Erikson’s childhood and youth was characterized by
a number of identity crises.

The basic strength described by Erikson in the identity cohesion versus role confusion stage is

Adulthood is considered by Erikson to be a _________ stage than the previous stage of identity cohesion versus role confusion.

To Erikson, the end of young adulthood may occur at the age of

Erikson identified the stage of identity cohesion versus role confusion as
a moratorium to give a person time and energy to play different roles and live with different images.

Erikson noted identity confusion in his study of
all of the answers


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believed personality develops
throughout the entire life span.

Each of Erikson’s developmental stages provides a person an opportunity to develop his
basic strengths.

Erikson believed that development is mainly affected by
a combination of biological and social forces.

Erikson once worked
at a guidance center for emotionally disturbed delinquents.

During the stage when trust or mistrust are the ways of coping, the most important body part is the

In response to charges that his concepts are ambiguous and poorly defined, Erikson cited
his artistic temperament and lack of formal training in science.

College may delay the resolution of the ____.
identity crisis

Erikson’s depiction of emotional difficulties in middle age is similar to
Jung’s description of identity crisis.

One of Erikson’s most important contributions to personality theory is his concept of
personality development across the lifespan.

A person may prefer to be alone because they fear ___________ as a threat to their ego identity during the intimacy versus isolation stage.

Erikson divided personality growth into
eight stages from birth to death.

According to Erikson, a _________ identity is preferable to no identity in the identity cohesion versus the role confusion stage.

Erikson believes that basic strengths are
potentially achievable by everyone.

The conflicts in the developmental stages
all of the answers

Which is a positive outcome in the intimacy versus isolation stage?
A person establishes positive intimate relationships.

Erik Erikson lived out one of his most famous concepts through
several identity crises.

Ego integrity involves
accepting one’s place and past.

Research on the identity crisis has shown that
attending college delays its resolution

According to Erikson, older people must do more than reflect upon the

According to Erikson, a person in the ________ versus ________ stage needs to be involved in teaching and guiding the next generation

Failure to adapt at one developmental stage
can be corrected by success at a later stage.

Erikson studied each of the following groups except
schizophrenic adults.

Older people should seek
new challenges

From his early work and analysis with Anna Freud, Erikson was interested in
psychoanalytic work with children

Each of the following is a psychological type, or status, in the adolescent stage except
identity competence.

On the free will-determinism dimension, Erikson’s image of human nature
is only partially deterministic

Studies of ego identity show that
adolescents high in ego identity develop trust, autonomy, initiative, and industriousness.

Erikson’s primary research method was
the case study

The basic strength associated with the final stage of development is

If a conflict at one stage cannot be resolved, then a person will
have much difficulty to continue normal development in the next stage

The developmental stage of maturity covering the most years is the
latency stage.

Fidelity means
sincerity, genuineness, and a sense of duty in a person’s relationships.

All stages of life involve a series of personal __________. They exist at birth and become prominent through every stage of a persons’ life

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