Chapter 5 Music Appreciation

Composer who damaged his hands
Robert Schumann

Johannes Brahms
was a close friend of Clara and Robert Schumann

Composer who wrote an opera that included a love triangle and being sealed in a tomb while still alive
Guiseppe Verdi

Western World’s musical capital

Practice that evolved throughout the late Romantic Period was an attempt to add realism and somehow make operatic presentation true to life, is called

Composer who helped revive performance of the music of Bach?
Felix Mendelssohn

The piano’s relentless rhythm in The Erlking unifies the episodes of the song and suggests
a galloping horse

The practice of composers providing written notes for their audiences to enhance understand of instrumental music is called _______.
program music

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A Romantic period composer of German decent wrote large, lived large, and was constantly in debt.
Richard Wagner

Had a short life but composed over 600 songs.
Franz Schubert

Trepak, Russian Dance, is an example of

Created in the Romantic Period

Frederic Chopin was
shy and reserved

Romantic composer who earned his living as a touring piano performing virtuoso was
Franz Liszt

Romantic Period composer and performer who was considered a pop star at his prime.
Franz Liszt

Perhaps the most well-known and widely published composer in America during the 1800s was
Stephen Foster

A significant musical event in America during the Romantic period, was development and preservation of the

Best known wind instrument maker of the Romantic period
Adolph Sax

A Romantic period art song is a musical composition for
solo voice and piano

Composer that was the son of a medical doctor
Hector Berlioz

When a composer writes new music for each stanza in a poem, the form is called

Erlking’s four main characters: the narrator, father, Erlking and

Form uses the same music under words that change for each verse

Robert Schumann died
in an asylum

Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony is unified by the recurrence of a theme known as the
idee fixe

Felix Mendolsshon was a child prodigy much like
Wolfgang Motzart

Resulted in factories and jobs during the Romantic Period
Industrial Revolution

Drawing creative inspiration from cultures of lands foreign to the composer

Wrote a handbook on orchestration that became the guidebook for composers for almost a century.
Hector Berlioz

“Music that most people pay to hear.”

Clara Wieck
all of the above

Nationalism in the arts
is the tendency of composers to insert fold music, folk-lore, historical events, or descriptions of their country into their works.

Three of the most important opera composers of the Romantic period were Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and _____.
Giuseppe Verdi

One significant American musical events was the development and preservation of the _____.
Negro Spiritual

A musical device that assigns melodies to specific characters and events.
Leit motif

Main music center was located in

Which word translates as “real?”

What was the first machine capable recording and playing back sound?

Mendelssohn wrote a concerto especially for a friend featuring the

A group of art songs organized around a single topic
song cycle

Erlking by Franz Schubert is an example of an
art song

Trumpets could play melodies that were previously impossible to play because of ______

New genre of literature came into being during the Romantic period

Instrument that was never truly accepted as an orchestral instrument

Wrote a symphony about a person while under the influence of opium
Hector Berlioz

During the Romantic period, musical instruments began to be _______.
Manufactured in factories

Wagner used leitmotifs. They were
signature melodies that represent characters, places, and things in the opera.

During the Romantic period, the concept of the ____ arose.
Starving Artist

Most famous early pioneer in the field of psychotherapy
Sigmund Freud

Clara Wieck Schumann was
a virtuoso pianist

The number of significant composers in the Romantic period
was much larger than in any previous period

Dynamic indications in the Romantic period expanded to include
pppp and ffff

Symphony From the New World is an example of ______.

New group in society was formed during the Romantic period
Working middle class

Another name for Spirtuals

A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties.

Frederic Chopin had a long love affair with the author _____.
Aurore Dudevant

The Romantic period lasted from

Two groups of people suffered during the Romantic Period
American Indians and slaves

The Erlking character represents ____.

As one of the first great _______, Berlioz influenced a whole generation of musicians.
orchestral conductors

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