chapter 4

Term Definition
Greenhouse gases Specially carbon dioxide or methane that trap heat above the earth and cause the greenhouse effect.
Activists A doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of controversial issue.
Inconceivable Impossible to imagine or believe.
Carboon footprint The amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide emitted by something. Such as a person's activities or product's manufacture and transport during a given period.
Climate The usual or most widespread mood or conditions in a place.
Harvesting The amount of a natural product gathered in a single season.
Convert To change from one form or use to another.
Preserve To prevent food from decaying.
Depletion To use most or all of something important : to greatly reduce the amount of something.
Inhabitants A person or animal that lives in a particular place.
Insulate 'To prevent someone or something from dealing with or experiencing something : to keep someone or something separate from something unpleasant.
Conserve To maintain a quantity constant during a process of chemical, physical or evolutionary change.
Composting A decayed mixture of plants such as leaves and grass that is used to improve the soil in a garden.
Incentives Something that encourages a person to do something or to work harder.
Pollution Substances that make land, water, air etc dirty and not safe or suitable to use.
Toxic Containing poisonous substances
Capitalist A person who believes that capitalism is the best kind of economy system.
Revitalization To make someone or something active, healthy, or energetic again.
Degradation The act of treating someone or something poorly and without respect.
Stakeholders A person who holds the money that people have bet on something and then gives it to the winner.

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