Chapter 3: History and Geography: The Foundations of Culture

Confucian Philosophy
Taught throughout japans history emphasizes the basic virtue of loyalty of “of friend to friend, of wife to husband, of child to parent, of brother to brother, but, above all, of subject to lord” that is, to country.
Manifest Destiny
Accepted as the basis for US foreign policy during much of the 19th and 20th centuries. meant that americans were a chosen people ordained by god to create a model society. More specifically, it referred to the territorial expansion of the United States from the atlantic to the pacific. The idea of it was used to justify the us annexation of Texas, Oregon, new Mexico, and California, and later us involvement in Cuba, Alaska, Hawaii ad the Philippines.
Monroe Doctrine
Accepted as the basis for US foreign policy during much of the 19th and 20th centuries. Enunciated by president James monroe in a public statement proclaiming three basic dicta: no further european colonization in the new world, abstention of the united states from european political affairs, and nonintervention by european governments in the governments of the western hemisphere.
Roosevelt Corollary
Theodore Roosevelt created an extension of the Monroe Doctrine. It states that not only would the united states prohibit non american intervention in latin american affairs but it would also police the area and guarantee that latin american nations met their international obligations. applies in 1905. Was also used in the acquisition of the Panama can zone form Colombia in 1903 and the formation of a provisional government in Cuba in 1906.
Confiscation of foreign investments, even though the investments were making important contributions to their economies. The seizure of an investment by a government in which reimbursement is made to the investment owner’ often the seized investment becomes nationalized
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
these are gases resulting primarily from the use of fossil fuels that tend to trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere and are casual factors in global climate change. The main problem compounds are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases.
Sustainable Development
Joint approach among those who seek economic growth with “wise resource management, equitable distribution of benefits and reduction of negative effects on people and the environment from eh process of economic growth. It is not about the environment or the economy or society. it is about striking a lasting balance between all of these.
2. Why study geography in international marketing?
As elements of geography, the climate and physical tertian of a country are impotnat environmental considerations when appraising a market. product adaption and the development of marketing systems.
3. Why study a country history?
History helps define a nations “mission” how it perceives its neighbors, how it sees its place in the world, and how it sees it self. It is necessary to study the culture as it is now as well as to understand the culture as it was-that is the countrys history. history also influences business decisions such as foreign direct investments, market entry, and even personnel choices.
5. Why is there a love-hate relationship between Mexico and the US?
Because mexiancas see the united states as a threat to their political, economic, and cultural sovereignty. The mexican revolution is particularly remembered for the expulsion of foreigners-mostly north american businessmen who were the most visible of the wealthy and influential entrepreneurs in mexico.” geography made us closer, tradition has made us far apart”
10. The marketer “should also examine the more complex effect of geography on general market characteristics, distribution systems, and the state of the economy.” Comment
it includes an understanding of how society culture and economy are effected as a nation struggles to supply its peoples needs within the limits imposed by its physical make up. EX: glasses with hay, glasses broke in shards. bringing a product into a different continent.
14. Discuss how your interpretations of Manifest Destiny and the monroe Doctrine might differ from those of a native of Latin America.
Citizens of the US feel that they have been good neighbors. they see the manifest destiny and monroe doctrine as protection for latin america from european colonization and the intervention of europe in the governments of the western hemisphere. Latin americans, in contrast, tend to see the monroe doctrine as an offensive expression of us influence in latin america. ” europe keep your hands off-Latin america is only for the US”
Opium War
Became about foreign access to Chinese trade. Chinese boosted production and shipments in anticipation of exploding sales of opium. but by 1839 the trade was dead. the british responded by sinking junks in the pedal river and blockading all chinese ports.
Taiping Rebellion
Single most horrific civil war in the history of the world. 20-40 million chineselives were lost. Rebellion was lead by a peasant who presented himself as christi brother. He got followers who called him the ” heavenly king” of the “Heavenly kingdom of peace”. They cut off their pigtails in the defiance father ruling and began to march north. They had to fight their way through the capital.

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