Chapter 23 Study Guide: World War I

leader of the Petrograd soviet and the commisar of war

leader of the White Army in the Russian civil war

Communist leader who overthrew the Provisional Government

political party in russian revolution that used small groups to overthrow the Provisional government, aka Communists

Lloyd George
prime minister of England at the end of WWI

Woodrow Wilson
president of the United States at the end of WWI

Georges Clemenceau
the premier of France at the end of WWI

Vittorio Orlando
prime minister of Italy at the end of WWI

Emperor William II
leader in Germany during WWI

The Western Front was characterized by
trench warfare
a stalemate
war of attrition

name of Germany’s two front war plan
Schlieffen Plan

trench warfare
warfare that prevented the front from moving very much

Black Hand
1. name of the group who planned the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand

2. terrorist group that wanted Bosnia to be free of Austria-Hungary

Gavrilo Princip
he assassinated the Archduke Francis Ferdinanad

Who signed the Entente Cordial with France?

the main supporter of Germany in WWWI

members of the Triple Entente
France, Great Britain, Russia

members of the Triple Alliance
German, Austria-Hungary, Italy

members of the Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria

members of the Allies in WWI
Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, United States

What territories did France want to reclaim after WWI?
Lorraine and Alsace

total war
complete mobilization of people and resources in WWI

aggressive preparation for war

battle that stopped the Germans’ advance towards Paris was
First Battle of Marne (early in war)
Second Battle of Marne (end of war)

By attacking Austria-Hungary in May _____, Italy betrayed _______ & _________.

To end Russia’s part in WWI, Lenin signed _______
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

the leader of the bolshevik’s was

type of warfare that caused the U.S. to enter WWI
unrestricted submarine warfare

Who was the spokesman for the new world order based on democracy and international cooperation?
Woodrow Wilson

Which part of the Treat of Versailles declared Germany was to blame for WWI?
Article 231, the War Guilt Clause

After WWI, Britain ruled ______ and _______ countries as ______ for the League of Nations
Iraq and Palestine

Britain entered WWI after Germany violated the neutrality of

Fourteen Points
President Wilson’s peace plan

two great battle the Germans defeated the Russians in
Battle of Mausurian Lakes
Battle of Tannenberg

France lost 700,000 men in a few months at the ____________
Battle of Verdun

war communism
Communist government’s control of the means of production, banks, and power to centralize the state

The March Revolution began in the city of ____

Nicholas II was forced to step down when he couldn’t dissolve the _____

American anger increased after the sinking of the _______

military draft

nation governed on behalf of the League of Nations

spreading of ideas to influence public opinion

planned economies
government system used to mobilize resources in time of war

Lawrence of Arabia
led the Middle East revolts against the Ottoman Empire

name of the Bolsheviks after the gained power

assembling troops and supplies for war

right to have one’s own nation

League of Nations
world organization started after the Paris Peace Conference

Siberian peasant who influenced Alexandra

war of attrition
type of warfare used to outlast the opponent

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