Chapter 21 Medical Practice Marketing and Customer Service

An individual who represents the patient when healthcare decisions are made.
An online journal that providers can use to share their experiences in caring for patients.
Cost benefit analysis
An assessment that weighs the benefit of attracting patients against the cost required.
An individual assigned to communicate between multiple parties when the financial responsibilities of decreased patient’s estate are settled.
Patient-centered medical home (PCMH)
A model philosophy intended to improve the effectiveness of primary care. This approach is promoted by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
Patient navigator
A person who identifies patients’ needs and barriers and assists by coordinating care and identifying community and healthcare resources to meet the needs.
Site map
A list of all Web page links on a website.
Social media
Internet-sponsored, two way communication between individuals, individuals and businesses, or between businesses..
Target market
The group of people most likely to need the medical services the practice offers.
Video-conferencing technology that enables the delivery of quality healthcare at a distance.
Which describes a two-way communication between the healthcare facility and the consumer where promotion of the business takes place and consumers can respond positively and negatively?
Social media
An organized _________ will make a website easier and friendlier for followers.
site map
When looking for graphics, the index file will be saved as what kind of file?
What measure is one of the best ways to retain patients and ensure patient loyalty in the medical practice?
High quality customer service
Who is an individual that represents the patient when making his or her healthcare decisions?
When creating a website for your office it is important to _________ with the provider and patients to meet healthcare needs in the community.
Which concept includes traditional care of acute and chronic patient problems but also good health and preventative care?
Comprehensive care
What is a questionnaire designed to gather specific information about a topic or services?
Customer service is key to building a loyal patient base and growing a practice through _________.
What is the deliberate organization of patient care activities between two or more parties or participants?
Coordinate of care

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