chapter 2 customer service Mathews

upper management is at the top of the hierarchy
in a top down-oriented organization:
makes themselves clearly visible to front-line employees
in successful organizations, upper management
service philosophy or mission
the direction or vision of an organization that supports day-to-day interaction with customers
products and services
materials, products and services that are state of the art, competitively priced and meet the needs of customers are the elements that define a successful organization. these include:
unreliable and understandable
RUMBA includes all of the following characteristics, except:
employee roles
the task assignment that service providers assume are
customer feedback
service measurements can be in terms of
you and your attitude toward achieving the goals
the determining factor in goal attainment is
lose a customer and/or gain negative publicity
if you allow organizations to “fix themselves,”often done as a test, you may:
entrepreneur spirit
the ability to work in an environment in which free thinking and creativity are encouraged, needed and helpful in a nonprofit environment is know as:
make a commitment to customer and establish an environment to support it
when customer service problems occur and the culture is not customer-focused, the important question for the organization is “how do we fix our system?” and the answer is:
reductions in benefits such as break times
examples of ways to recognize good performance includes all of these, except:
those who spend time and effort to benefit and assist others in an organization are:
lack of time to devote to the mentee
you should be ready to be a mentor with all of the following characteristics, except:
the word used to describe the giving of decision-making and problem-solving authority to lower-level employees is:
many communities have lists of seminars, programs and other resources that may promote excellent opportunities for:
get everyone involved in the organization in planning and brainstorming
the best way to create a service culture is to:
customer-friendly system
reference to the processes in an organization that make service to customers seamless by ensuring that things work properly and the customer is satisfied is the:
service delivery systems
the mechanism or strategies used by an organization to provide service to customers is known as:
avoid the need to purchase and update a myriad of equipment
one of the benefits of outsourcing is to:
a formal customer service satisfaction survey
an informal follow-up opportunity provides ways to let customers know that you want to keep them as customers and includes all of the following, except:
useful if you are interviewing for a job
learning about a company’s level of service commitment can be:
recognition, timely service, courtesy, empathy and patience, among others
customers want and expect common things if they are to keep doing business with you, such as:
successful organizations are customer-centered or_____ ______and focus on individual needs
successful small business employees possess all but one of the following:
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