Chapter 13 Quiz

A factor that has sparked the rise of consumer-generated information is:
the consumers’ tendency to trust other consumers over corporations
In the context of digital communication, _______ is the ability of a marketer to identify customers before they make a purchase.
Marketers’ ability to process orders electronically and increase the speed of communications, thereby reducing costs, inefficiencies, and redundancies most likely relates to the _______ element of the marketing mix.
One challenge that digital media has created for businesses is:
employees wasting time surfing the Internet
The little black and white squares that sometimes appear in magazines, posters, and store displays which let a consumer with a smart device view a website, video, or image with additional marketing information is known as a(n):
QR code
What of the following statements is true of both conventional marketing and digital marketing?
Both have to achieve the right marketing mix.
Which of the following scenarios makes a reference to e-business?
Alexis purchases a tablet PC through an online retail store.
Which of the following statements is true of digital media in the context of business?
They can improve communication within and between businesses.
Which of the following statements is true of the Internet?
It has made it possible for businesses to reach previously inaccessible markets.
Which of the following transformed GoPro from a small camera firm into a successful company?
Viral marketing
Companies sometimes utilize Facebook and similar sites to help generate interest about new products.
Consumers’ tendency to trust other consumers over corporations is one factor behind the rise in consumer-generated information.
E-business has had much more impact in certain industries where the cost of business and customer transactions has been vey high.
Marketers accustomed to traditional media usually find the transition to digital media easy.
Marketers’ new ability to convert all types of communications into digital media has created inefficient and improved the flow and the usefulness of information.
One of the greatest drawbacks of digital marketing is the ability of marketers and customers to easily share information.
Online social networks are a valuable part of marketing because they change the way consumers communicate with each other and with firms.
Shopping in a store raises more privacy concerns than shopping online.
Some companies have begun to use podcasts as internal tools for teams working on projects that require a great deal of documentation.
With customer-generated video content increasingly available, some companies are using it instead of professional advertising firms.

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