chapter 13 quiz

which is a stage in Kohlberg’s theory?
according to Erikson, if 9-year-old Anna is successful in solving her psychosocial conflict, she should be developing a(n) _____ view of herself
what period is the prime time for moral development?
middle childhood
andrea is a typical 11-year-old whose growing self consciousness and self-critisism drive her to frequently compare herself with her peers. if andrea is like most children, such comparisons will _____
decreases her self-esteem
school-age children would most admire _____
marla, who was punished for not telling the teacher who threw a paper airplane
jenny is always friendly. when someone tells her a secret she does not tell other friends. she also is helpful and cooperates with others to get class projects done. other students like working with jenny. jenny could be defined as a _____ student
family function refers to _____
how a family cares for its members
repeated, systematic attacks on those who are unable to defend themselves is the definition of _____
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