Chapter 13 – Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management
uses privation measures to keep pests from entering the operation and control measures for those that get inside
large numbers of pests
Pest Control Operator
professionals who use safe current ways to prevent and control pests
3 Rules of IPM Program
deny pests access to operation, deny pests food and shelter, and work with a licensed PCO to eliminate pests
16 mesh per square inch
Air Curtains
blow steady steam of air across entryway
spread pathogens like shigella spp
carry disease causing pathogens like salmonella tphi, fungi, parasite eggs. and viruses – generally in dark, light means major infestation – strong odor, pepper poop
only travel 100-150 feet from nest, mice only 10-30 feet, squeeze through nickel size hole can jump 3 feet in air and climb brick walls- can gnaw through pipes and have shiny black poop and urine glows under light – build nests with hair, grass, scraps
chemical agents used to destroy pests
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